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At the Core of High-End Window Cleaning Warehouse Services

We value your business, and we aspire to give it the face that it deserves, with our high-quality window cleaning warehouse services. We understand that a clean environment creates the right atmosphere for business operations. Our cleaning services are available for a broad range of companies and institutions, and we guarantee that you will not regret choosing us.

Convenient and Flexible Cleaning Program

As much as cleaning is an essential part of any business operation, it is our responsibility to ensure that our services does not interrupt our clients’ schedules. Together with our customers, we create a workable plan that enables us complete window cleaning at right time without necessarily affecting warehouse operations. Also, it is usually up to the customer to suggest the most convenient time for cleaning, to which we oblige unconditionally.

Safety and Quality Assured 

There is much differences between ordinary and professional cleaning, and we are inclined to perform the latter by choice. Depending on the size of the building, we employ the safest methods of cleaning, with the safety of all persons involved our top priority. We have lifts especially for high buildings, but again that is determined by each individual landscape. Should we deem it unfit to use lifts, there are other methods of spraying de-ionized water to clean all windows regardless of the distance.

To avoid spotting that occurs in glass windows, we use hand-scrubbers for panes and frame before towel-drying them. The idea is to provide a glowing effect and to give each facility an attractive face that appeals to clients from a distance.

Consistent Window Cleaning Schedule

It is not a venture that can be undertaken on a daily basis, but the measures put in place are aimed at ensuring cleanliness all through the year. Some natural factors may affect the overall outlook of commercial windows, for example, a building in a busy, dusty environment will attract dust quickly. That should determine the frequency of your cleaning, and those are some of the issues we discuss with our clients up front. We are open to setting up cleaning schedules for our clients at intervals they suggest.

What makes us different?

There is more to industrial window cleaning than just spraying and wiping water dry. A lot of specialized skills is involved, and that is what we are all about. We ensure that we take all the necessary precautions to protect the environment, the people working around, and the property within the structures. A team of experts conducts an extensive survey of the area to be cleaned, and the immediate environment to ascertain that the methods to be used for cleaning do not in any way affect anything in a negative manner.

Besides, it is our pride when we see happy clients, and, therefore, we do all we can to guarantee customer satisfaction at a reasonable cost. In short, our cleaning services provide customers with great value for money.

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E-mail us at or give us a call at +65 9456 7022.

We are always available throughout, and our customer care team is prompt in responding to all your concerns. We assure you an immediate response and a free quote for all your industrial window cleaning needs.

Besides window cleaning services for warehouses, we also provide similar services to hotels and restaurants, banks, hospitals, airports, business premises, apartments, industrial structures, schools, and retail centres among other facilities.

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