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Comprehensive cleaning services for better water condition

Water tank cleaning services Singapore, do you know that contaminated water can be a huge issue. No to worry, we are here propose an answer. According to the World Health Organization, polluted water is the leading cause of numerous diseases and medical ailments of the body, in addition to the various types of skin allergies that you can develop after getting into associated with it.

If we add the fact that depending on your age, gender, and general health, up to 60% of your body can be made up of water (it is an even higher percentage of infants).

You may likely start to come to the realization that water quality is the single most impactful environmental factor there is!

We drink it to stay alive and thrive; we use it to clean ourselves so we can be bacteria-free. Don’t be surprised if I told you that despite the importance of water quality, we, as a society, tend to ignore it?

We created our company for this sole purpose

Our water tank cleaning services developed for the sole purpose of dealing with that problem. The water that you use for so many different purposes – cleaning, cooking, bathing just to name the most important ones – can, unfortunately, deteriorate with time. Our job is not to allow that to happen.

With refined, state-of-the-art equipment and a business philosophy based on care, professionalism, and customer satisfaction, Best Cleaning Guru is equipped to deal with even the most problematic cases on the commercial scale.

If you run any business or have responsibility for a particular business space, the importance of water quality drastically increases. Our water tank cleaning services are there for you to take that pressure off of your shoulders.

For Auditing Purpose

For domestic water tank, it is required by the property owner to perform water tank cleaning and submit the water sample to PUB for auditing purpose.

We do not use harsh cleaning agent for the washing, so there is minimum impact to the environment.

Whether you are looking for water tanks cleaning for high or low-level water tank, we have it all covered. Upon special request, we can provide risk assessment and confine space safety assessor for the job.

We will clean your fish tanks too

In addition to dealing with your commercial water tank problems, we can also do fish tank cleaning services. An aquarium can enhance the atmosphere of any business, but once the water quality plummets it can become a negative distraction. Our team of professionals will make sure this does not happen by bringing back the beauty of your accessory by ensuring a crystal-clear, bacteria-free environment.

Our services

We offer full service and maintenance packages for commercial properties. Our refined and efficient methods make us a valuable tool for achieving perfect water quality. With our versatile equipment, we can deal with any water tanks regardless of their type and general condition.

We are of course fully licensed, offering you a reliable service through a team of professionals. Particular care devoted professionalism, and competitive prices are the staples of our business which allows us to cater to specifically to your requirements, no matter how unconventional they are. Our services can help you with the following tasks and problems:

– Water Tank Cleaning: Complete cleaning using state-of-the-art equipment and efficient methods.

– Water Tank Transfer: We are equipped to help you with the logistics.

– Filtration Works Installation and maintenance of a new filtration system so you will not need us as much in the future.

– Commercial Water and Fish Tank Cleaning: Complete cleaning with special care, using materials developed for aquariums.

Give us a call now for your water tank cleaning services at +65 6248 0085 or email enquiry@bestcleaningguru.com

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