Skyscraper Window Cleaning Services Singapore

Wondering how the skyscrapers windows cleaning services in Singapore and high rise buildings are cleaned? The answer is quite simple – through skyscraper window cleaning services. Professionals use a specialized equipment that allows them to access and clean the windows of high rise buildings– no matter how tall they are. The window cleaning services and process involved usually call for experience and that’s why, this can be a really dangerous task especially for those aren’t even trained to perform such.

This are often used to clean widows of shopping malls, hotels, condominiums, and universities. The cleaners use products that allow them to remove hard water stain, pollen, salt residue, and dust. Aside from that, these products don’t leave any streaks nor soapy residue to the windows.

Telescopic Window Cleaning Services

Most commercial properties are made up of multiple floors, which means it also has multiple windows. These properties can’t be cleaned with a blade and bucket– they require something more thorough, such as telescopic window cleaning in order to provide an adequate clean. Though, aside from the adequacy it provides, this method is also known for being the safest way to reach out the windows. There’s no need to stand on a ladder and strain to each window.

Extendable piles are utilized to quickly and effectively clean the windows without leaving any residues– except for a professional and streak-free finish especially if it’s done properly.

Things you should consider.

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when cleaning windows of high rise buildings, such as the shape and design, property, such as trees and parks, and obstacles on the property. These factors have an impact on the amount of time needed to clean the windows.

Skyscraper window cleaning is a preventative maintenance that prevents the window from getting deteriorated. A lot of high rise window cleaning services should be performed at least twice a year, in order to ensure that it would last for several years. Although hiring a professional window cleaner would cost you a few dollars, rest assured that by doing so, you’ll be able to prevent the unnecessary repairs which would often force you to spend more.

Safety Concerns

There’s a number of safety concerns related to high rise window cleaning. Most of these gives the guarantee that the window cleaners won’t fall while performing their job. In order to prevent this from happening, the window cleaners are fastened to two different security lines that are anchored to the roof of the building.

Another major concern would be the safety of the people and property near the building. In order to risk the injury and damage to both people ad property, each equipment should be thoroughly checked. Likewise, it should be attached to the people cleaning the window, so that even if the equipment accidentally slips, it wouldn’t fall on the ground.

Lastly, most window cleaning services require specialized equipment in order to ensure that the job will be properly carried out– some equipment includes man lifts, boson’s chair, water-fed extension and the like. Always look for a window cleaning service who has these equipment.

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