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School cleaning services is one of the most crucial tools employed against disease and sickness in learning institutions. A clean and comfortable learning environment is considered as one of the most important keys to successful learning. Our school cleaning professionals have the ability to offer a custom designed, affordable program to satisfy your needs. As school budgets shrink, outsourcing cleaning services assists your bottom line by offering accountable, professional school maintenance.

Security and safety as our priority

With security and safety as our priority, we tailor a pocket-friendly solution that creates a safe atmosphere for staff, visitors as well as students. School environments are havens for bacteria, virus, and flu because these environments always contain many individuals in close contact with one another. As a professional school cleaning company, Best Cleaning Guru not only cleans a school thoroughly, but we also sanitize and disinfect various school surfaces.

Cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting are three separate jobs. Cleaning is the process of removing debris, dirt, and germs from various surfaces but may not actually kill the germs. Disinfecting kills germs that are on objects or surfaces. Sanitizing ensures that the amount of bacteria, germs, and viruses have been removed to extremely low levels to remarkably reduce the risk of infection. After we thoroughly clean a schoolroom, we disinfect and sanitize it to ensure a high health safety standard for your students, staff, and visitors as well.

Well-trained and experienced staff

With our highly trained team, you can have the confidence that your cleaning needs are in safe hands. Our school cleaning site professionals have vast experience and are accompanied by qualified site supervisors that are adaptable and can deal with the requirements of the premises on a daily basis.

Trust the school cleaning experts

It’s not difficult for us to enhance quality while reducing expenses. We ensure that we offer more than just competitive pricing. We give your school a sense of trust and security. You can comfortably trust your school keys to our staff members.

Flexibility and broad range of services

From classrooms to restrooms, we offer commercial school cleaning services that keep your institution looking spotless. Whether you require efficient and high-quality cleaning services during the night or an on-site day custodial group, our friendly staff will offer your school detailed, tailored, and efficient services. Our service flexibility enables us to manage your school cleaning needs, which includes deep cleans, with less disruption both in or out of term and also working around your school’s evening commitments.

Our school janitors can offer all the following services:

• Routine, daily cleaning
• Summer deep cleans
• Locker room and rest room sanitation
Floor and carpet care
• Cafeteria and kitchen maintenance

Office cleaning

We usually offer a reliable, professional office cleaning service for your school, that supports a highly productive working environment for your members of staff and creates a welcoming atmosphere for your school visitors.

Floor cleaning services

Some floors are of a semi-porous nature which may allow dirt to become absorbed over time. As a result, they may start to look dirty and stained, even after cleaning the surface of the floor. Once this occurs, its impossible to offer a clean looking finish with only a sweep and mop alone. Professional cleaning of this kind of floor enables us to completely restore the spotless clean appearance of the floors. We also offer floor treatment services such as polishing your hard school floors to make them continue shining.

Window cleaning

Our school cleaning services include professional window cleaning. Our window cleaning services are based on the fundamental elements of speed, effectiveness, and safety. It offers a finishing touch to your school, allowing everyone to take a crystal clear view outside through the sparkling clean windows.

Carpet cleaning

Thorough and regular professional cleaning will keep your school carpets looking good, prevent against premature wear, and assist to avoid expensive replacements. Our school cleaning services offers a high quality carpet cleaning job that cleans deep down into the pile, maintaining your carpet in pristine condition and providing your institution with the finishing touch it deserves.

Our general cleaning services also include kitchen cleaning services. Among the most crucial part of a kitchen that needs to be cleaned regularly include the exhaust kitchen hood. If the hood doesn’t get cleaned professionally, bacteria, fumes and chemicals may suffocate those in the kitchen. Ensure that your school kitchen is serviced on a monthly basis for proper hygiene and safety of your staff.

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