Spring Cleaning Kitchen Singapore

A clean kitchen can add joy to your heart. Keeping it pristine at all time however may not always be realistic. And so we have to rely on periodic cleaning at times when you want to give your kitchen a good clean up. Continue reading to learn more about spring cleaning kitchen and cleaning the different parts of a commercial kitchen.


Make your sinks clean everyday by using an all-purpose spray, soap detergents and clean water. Also rinse it after an everyday cleaning routine and always leave it dry by wiping with a soft towel.

Now for spring cleaning, begin by emptying the sink and plugging your drain. Add boiling water into your sink and then mix it with one cup of bleach. Leave the mixture to sit for thirty minutes to one hour and then remove the plug for the water to go down your drain. You will need protective clothing when doing this, and to be more specific, wear gloves as the water may still be hot after one hour.

Rinse your sink with cold water and sprinkle it with a powder cleanser or baking soda ash. If there are still greasy substances on the kitchen tops, scrub them out with a nylon sponge and then rinse properly. Finally, for a completely shiny sink, add a table spoon of olive oil.


Experts recommend that you use non-abrasive sponges and cleaners on any kind of countertops. For starters, a microfiber towel can be a good choice; they grab greasy food substances and dirt way better than most of other choices. On the other hand, if your countertops are made of either natural concrete, engineered quartz or wood, you can easily clean them by using soap detergents and water spray.

Vinegar, while effective in most cleaning jobs, will not be a good choice on wooden countertops. It can dissolve the glue that holds the wood together. In addition, using bleach or ammonia on a concrete countertop may dull it or damage the sealants.

Some other important tips to consider is that you should be careful with the type of bleach and cleaning chemicals that you use on countertops made of natural stone since they can be corrosive on the stone. Spills should be wiped out immediately with a microfiber cloth to avoid staining the etchings. Finally, the clean the dirt out with the right cleaning tools — a soap detergent, water and a sponge.

Kitchen utensils

Sanitization and cleaning kitchen utensils regularly can be a sure way of minimizing bacteria and germs in your kitchen. Most kitchen utensils can be easily cleaned with soap detergents and water although some will require some extra scrubbing with stainless steel wool. Remember to sanitize the utensils and dishwashers after cleaning to reduce disease-causing germs in your kitchen.

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