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Dos and Don’ts of Restaurant Dining Room Cleaning


Restaurant dining room cleaning services in Singapore face unique cleaning challenges. Restaurants are sensitive and most restaurant managers want to make sure that they stay clean all the time. However, some of the tools and equipment used to clean these areas are simply bad and can only lead to spreading of dirt and germs to your restaurant. Continue reading to learn more about the dos and don’ts of restaurant dining room cleaning.



Stop mopping and start cleaning


There is a difference between bad mopping and good cleaning. The former involves using rugs and mops that are not sanitized to wipe off dirt and food particles from the floors of your restaurant. It also includes the use of inappropriate tools that simply spread contaminants instead of removing them away. In addition, mopping is painfully slow and hugely inefficient. Moreover, mopping is not required when cleaning restaurant dining areas. Neither is it required when doing restaurant kitchen cleaning services.



Don’t send customers away


Maybe you don’t know this, but up to 80% of Singaporeans say that they would never return to a restaurant with dirty floors and restrooms. So, if you neglect any part of your restaurant, whether it is the dining area or the restrooms, you are contributing in a big way to a reduction in the number of patrons who visit your restaurant. The good thing is that cleaning your restaurant does not demand a lot. If you want to get extremely efficient services, hire professional cleaners to do the work for you. However, you can delegate daily cleanliness maintenance to some trained employees.



Do it right all the time


Since cleanliness is such an important aspect of the restaurant industry, it should be regarded highly. Cleaning should be done by professionals and be done in the right way. For instance, cases of wet and slippery floors should be reduced as much as possible both for the benefit of the restaurant owner and the customers who visit your restaurant. Use of the right equipment and cleaning detergents should not be an option. Otherwise, if you can’t clean your restaurant properly, you are like preparing your own downfall.



Don’t overlook any place


Sometimes it is easy to assume that since the windows or counters look clean, there is no need to touch them. However, germs and bacteria can hide anywhere. In fact, a study shows some of the most overlooked areas when cleaning are the greatest harbors of germs and bacteria. Places such as door knobs, windows, countertops and beneath the tables should always be cleaned.



Clean as often as possible


Finally, maintaining high standards of cleanliness in any restaurant takes effort. You must be prepared to do what it takes to be the cleanest restaurant in town even if it includes looking for the best professional cleaners.

As we have mentioned, cleanliness takes effort. And in the end, cleanliness has a way of rewarding you. So, take action and contact Best Cleaning Guru to help you get professional restaurant dining room cleaning services in Singapore.

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