Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Services Singapore

Kitchen exhaust hood cleaning services is an area where any F&B business in Singapore can’t ignore when it comes to bi-yearly submission to NEA. A cluttered kitchen with dusty refrigerators and walls with greasy grime is not something you can be proud of. The shape and condition of your walls for instance can say a lot about the kitchen and the people who work inside. Kitchen exhaust hood cleaning is equally important, with grease and smoke building up in the system every day.

Keeping both the kitchen exhaust hood and walls clean is not only the law, but it should also be an obligation to any restaurant. Look at it this way. Dirty exhaust hoods can lead to fires in your restaurant, but maintaining them clean costs you very little amounts of cash. A clean exhaust hood system is also more efficient, and it minimizes occurrence of fire hazards. If you want to keep these systems clean, hiring a commercial exhaust hood cleaning company like Best Cleaning Guru is usually the best option. As for dirty walls, the following tips can guide you in the cleaning process.

Step One: Do some brief kitchen cleaning

Before you touch any part of your kitchen walls, start by removing clutter and dusting different parts of your kitchen. Dust the refrigerators, empty the trash bins and take care of the dishes. Note that in this short cleaning exercise, you do not have to clean the carpets and tiles. It is not necessary.

Step Two: Dust the ceiling and the corne rmost parts of your wall

Cleaning kitchen walls from the upper parts is the most preferred method by professionals; doing the opposite of this only adds more work to you. So dust and remove cobwebs from the corner most parts of your walls, dry clean your ceiling and then scrub other parts of the walls as you move down. The air vents, doorknobs, door frames and switch plates are areas that can easily be forgotten when cleaning.

Also, pay more attention to those areas that people tend to lay their hands on such as art work, windows and photographs hanging on wall. Before we forget, always clean the ceiling fans if you have one. It can be a bit tricky to clean but with the help of soap detergents and waters, it is possible to remove all grease and dust hiding inside.

Step Three: Remove the curtains and blinds for thorough cleaning

If the curtains, blinds and draperies in your kitchen look a bit beat, remove them from your walls and throw them straight to your dry cleaner, or at least wash them as per the manufacturer’s directions. Once the curtains are out of sight, take this opportunity to clean your windows, window grills, glasses and all corners.

If you have any television screen hanging on your wall, take it down and clean it well as per the manufacturer’s directions. And don’t forget to clean the area it has always covered, just like you should never forget to clean kitchen cabinets and their walls.

You probably have never spotted any dirt on your kitchen walls, but the truth is that germs and bacteria can hide anywhere. Contact us through email or call us to help you get great kitchen cleaners who are trained to cover all kitchen areas, especially those that most people ignore!

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