Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Professional food catering environments such as kitchens, canteens and other food preparation areas are required by law to adhere to strict cleanliness levels. Making sure kitchens are always spick and span is however a daunting task which requires high levels of professionalism and commitment. Continue reading to learn more about kitchen deep cleaning and what you can do to maintain high health standards in your kitchen throughout all seasons of the year.

Low health standards in a professional kitchen often attract hefty fines from the food and health safety officials. In addition, a dirty kitchen is a health hazard to both the customers who visit your restaurant and to the employees who work inside. What is even more adverse is the risk of losing customers once your food starts getting contaminated. What seems like an ignoble task can crash your business.

Take note of poor cleaning methods

It is not enough to clean your kitchen on a daily basis. Cleaning it professionally and exhaustively is what really matters. Poor cleaning on the other hand usually adds more dirt into what your kitchen already has. It adds to your cost of service so you are paying for services that have absolutely no benefits to your kitchen.

Poor cleaning in a professional kitchen may include using rugs and mops that are not sanitized on your carpets, ignoring to clean some parts of the kitchen such as on top of your fridges and inside cabinets, being careless with electric cleaning machines and not dry cleaning your floors and tiles. The fruit of such amateurish cleaning methods can be injuries, food contamination and unending bacteria and germs in your kitchen.

Have daily cleaning routines to keep dirt levels low

Professional kitchens are used daily. This means that they get dirty on a daily basis. From chefs spilling beverages on the floors by accident and microwave burns to walls absorbing greasy food particles and sinks clogging, there is no way you can solely rely on periodic deep kitchen cleaning services.

Daily cleaning routine should cover mostly all tools, utensils and parts of the kitchen that are used daily. Cleaning the kitchen carpet and floors is obvious, but cleaning the cabinets, walls, fridges, microwaves and sinks can also increase the hygiene levels in your kitchen if done daily. Sometimes heavy cleaning works like this will be best handled by professional kitchen cleaning services.

Period deep cleaning

Deep cleaning is when everything in a commercial kitchen gets wet, dry cleaned or disinfected. This involves work on the extreme carpet edges, cleaning the glass windows, and cleaning everything that is part of your kitchen. While it is possible to deep clean your commercial kitchen with the help of employees, there are numerous advantages of hiring commercial cleaners to do the work for you.

Cleaning your kitchen exhaustively once in a while is the right move for any business. Contact Best Cleaning Guru to help you get professional kitchen cleaners in Singapore at the best price.

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