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Looking for kitchen cleaning Services in Singapore? There is plenty of hope for people with extremely dirty kitchens and toilets in their restaurant. Sometimes the dirt may not be that much, but one thing is for sure; no dirt is good dirt.  In the next few minutes, we shall look at some of the places in the kitchen where you should clean as well as when you should get expert kitchen cleaning services to help keep your restaurant spick and span.

Grimy kitchen walls

The combination of steam, kitchen grease and normal dust usually leads to formation of a very unpleasant residue on the walls. These residues make your kitchen look dull and ugly; which is the reason why you should always clean your wall from time to time.

Cleaning grimy kitchen walls requires a sponge, undiluted white vinegar and warm water. If you like, you can add normal cleaning detergents. Basically, you should start by cleaning the grease splatters; clean the cabinets by thoroughly washing their walls using a sponge dipped in vinegar, rinse them and finally dry them using a dry cloth.

Cleaning the microwave and fridge

Both the microwave and refrigerator can get really greasy at times. If you own a restaurant, the microwaves and refrigerators can be prime areas for spreading food contaminants. They therefore need to be cleaned every once in a while.

If the microwave is very messy, mix clean water with undiluted vinegar and then boil the moisture inside the microwave. Steam produced usually helps a lot in softening the greasy substances. After the greasy mess becomes loose, clean the inside parts with a paper towel.

Crusty burn on oven spills

Whether it is an office pantry or restaurant oven, the cleaning procedure is the same. First, remove the burn or mess under your oven; otherwise the mess can cause a bad odor in your kitchen. Use soda ash and clean water to clean off the mess inside the microwave. Vinegar can also come in handy if you need to soften the greasy substances.

Cleaning kitchen windows

Clean windows can make the kitchen look attractive. And the good thing is that to maintain clean windows is not a hard thing. Some simple wiping using a spray cleaner or a wet sponge every day can make them look good all the time. If they have greasy substances stuck onto them, you can apply vinegar solution for softening and then use old newspapers to do the final touches.

Cleaning the sink

Sinks get dirty easily. As you clean utensils, food particles tend to get into the sink’s tubes and cause clogging. Once the sinks are blocked, they produce bad odors and you are no longer able to use them. The first way of cleaning kitchen sink is to use warm water. If the water does not dissolve blocked food particles, try using cleaning detergents such as vinegar or finally call professionals like Best Cleaning Guru to unblock them for you.

Cleaning kitchens require professionalism and skills. Contact us by email or call us today to help you get great professional kitchen team today.

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