Industrial Kitchen Cleaning

Factories and industries that deal in food production are required by law to maintain high cleanliness standards. On the other hand, it is both law and common sense for restaurants in general to stay clean. The following are some of the areas that restaurants need industrial kitchen cleaning to keep clean.


Kitchens are so important to any restaurant. They are like the engines of the restaurant. However, they are very prone to getting dirty. Cashiers, chefs and servers all get access into the kitchen areas thereby contributing to the dirtiness therein. Food and beverages spill on the kitchen floor, the microwaves and ovens get dirty all the time, while the walls, windows and doors all get contaminated and dirty through contact with human hands or grease.

To properly clean a restaurant, the delegated professional cleaners should first sanitize the cleaning equipment before commencing on the jobs at hand. There are specific types of sanitizers that should be used in restaurants as the law demands. These sanitizers can also be used on blenders, grillers, cutting boards and countertops. Once everything is sanitized, the cleaners can then work on the whole kitchen one area at a time. Usually it is wise to start by cleaning the wall and cabinets and complete by cleaning the floors and carpets.

Dining area

The dining area represents the face of the restaurant itself. If there are any signs of dirt and food particles anywhere near the dining rooms; that could be a source of food contamination. If customers note a lack of cleanliness in your restaurant, they start losing faith in your services. Cleaning the dining room in a restaurant or industry is no different from cleaning the kitchen. If you hire cleaning services for restaurants, you will notice that they will begin by sanitizing the surface areas that customers will first touch once they get inside or clean them thoroughly by use of cleaning detergent and clean water. The wall, floors, tables and windows in a dining room are other crucial areas that should never be neglected. Also, the glass doors, pictures, menus and chairs are also other important constituents of your restaurants and as such should always be cleaned.


Some people say that the condition of restrooms in a restaurant is usually a reflection of how their kitchen is like. While this may not be always the case, the condition of the restrooms can say a lot about your business. If the restrooms are clean and tidy, most people would imagine that your employees and kitchens are also clean and tidy. On the other hand, dirty restrooms can be repelling to clients, while they could lead to food cross contamination by the staff and chefs who use them. The good thing about cleaning restrooms is that it does not always take long. With good sanitizers, cleaning detergents and cleaning equipment, it is easy to make the restrooms sparkle and smell fresh.

Cleanliness has a way of rewarding a business. Contact us to help you get great professional industrial cleaners that are both trustworthy and reliable in their job.

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