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Kitchen sink cleaning services requires as much attention as you give to any other part of the kitchen. It involves more than just using an old toothbrush, sea salt, lemon, liquid dish washing soap, soft sponge and clean water to wash that smelly sink that you’ve never thought would ever shine again. Learn more about cleaning the sink in the article below.



Daily sink cleaning


Use nylon sponge dipped into soap detergents for general cleaning purposes. You may also add all-purpose glass cleaners albeit in small proportions. On the other hand, avoid using ammonia solutions and other bleach substances on stainless steel sinks for the sake of maintaining good aesthetics on your sink. You can also use the same method when cleaning kitchen countertops changing the detergent according to the type of countertop you have.



Periodic sink cleaning


The first step is to rinse the sink. Use clear cold water to do the rinsing, and if possible ensure that a stainless steel sink does not come into contact with salty substances often. Once the sink is clean, add baking soda onto the surface and scour it around until it forms a paste-like substance. After that, use a dry cloth or towel to line the sink after adding undiluted vinegar solution to the baking powder. It is recommended that you leave the lined sink for a few minutes before rinsing it with warm soapy water.



Cleaning faucets and handles


The faucets and handles can harbor a lot of germs if not cleaned from time to time. However, with just soap and warm water, you can reduce the chances of germs and bacteria spreading disease to you or your loved ones. In addition, you can use an old toothbrush to clean the inner parts of the faucets that may be hard to reach. Cleaning the handles and faucets with vinegar solution can also do the same job as soap detergents. Lastly, always rinse the sink with warm soapy water and sanitize it if possible.



Cleaning the garbage disposal


To completely ensure that your garbage disposal is clean, strictly follow the procedure highlighted below. First, add a half cup of baking soda ash into the disposal and then follow it up with one cup of white vinegar. Usually, the mixture fizzes for some time, but this is just how it is meant to be.

In the meantime, you can boil water which you will also pour down the same drain. Note that hot water can damage the inner parts of your garbage disposal and hence should always be followed by cold water or salted ice. The ice and salt helps loosen grime from your disposal. The final step will involve running the garbage disposal for some time. And the reason for this is because it is now time to deodorize the sink with some lemon halves. You will require more than 4 lemons for commercial kitchens.

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