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What should you take note of for kitchen countertops cleaning services in Singapore? Sometimes, someone will suggest that you use granite only cleaning tools. Sometimes a friend with suggest that you use vinegar. So which is which? Read the article below to learn how to clean granite kitchen countertops and other types of kitchen tops.

We should first list what we need for the cleaning exercise. For starters, you will need warm water. Cold water can sometimes work, but keeping it warm is what professionals recommend. Gather your dish soap and a clean microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol if you can afford it.



Things to note


When cleaning granite-made countertops, ensure that they are fully sealed. Weakly sealed countertops will soak up water and other cleaning liquids. And the good thing is that you can check if it is sealed in minutes. Just drop some water on the countertop and leave it for a few minutes. If it soaks up, take some time and seal it properly.

Also note that a well-sealed up countertop attracts fewer bacteria. That does not mean that you shouldn’t clean it anyway. With some warm water and dish soap, you can easily sanitize it on a daily basis. If you need more sanitization, pull out the isopropyl alcohol that we talked about. Add it to clean water on a 50/50 proportion and spray the mixture on your granite countertops. Leave it for a few minutes and then rinse and dry with a clean microfiber cloth.

On the other hand, granite countertops can get damaged by abrasive cleaners or sponges, so stick with non-acidic liquid detergents and anything that won’t affect the finish of your countertops. In any case, the harsher the detergents and cleaners you use, the faster your sealant will loosen. But it is also good to note that you should wipe out spills immediately when you spot them, plus you can also use all purpose surface cleaners if you are able to afford them.



Cleaning kitchen countertop procedure


While doing kitchen deep cleaning, you probably should start by gathering your cleaning equipment and tools in one place. The same case should apply here. It helps make the work get done faster.





  1. Add warm water into your kitchen sink and squirt some mild proportions of dish soap. Remove food crumbs and any form of visible dirt on the kitchen countertops by wiping them out with a soft sponge.
  2. Dry the countertops with a microfiber towel so as to avoid any kind of streaking. Mix isopropyl alcohol with water in equal measures and then spray onto the countertops. Rinse with some water after a few minutes and dry your countertops with a dry piece of cloth.

Maybe you just need a little cleaning in your kitchen or maybe you are just underestimating the level of dirt in your kitchen. Hire professional kitchen countertops cleaning services in Singapore to do an exhaustive job for you. Do not hesitate to contact Best Cleaning Guru to help you connect with the best service providers in the city.

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