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What Everyone Should Know About Restaurant Cleaning Services

Everyone expects a restaurant to be sparkling clean all the time. However, making the cleanliness happen is usually a tiresome and strenuous task. It takes commitment, skills and hard work to ensure that customers find a clean dining room every time they get inside. Let us lay down the basic steps for restaurant cleaning services.


Step One: Prepare your cleaning equipment

The first step is to gather everything that you will need during the cleaning exercise in one place. Cleaning equipment for an average restaurant can consist of mops, cleaning detergents, brooms, vacuum cleaners, power washers and glass cleaners. If you are doing the cleaning together with your staff, call them and brief them on the steps they are going to follow as they clean the dining areas. Preparation is also a good time to ensure that the cleaners are safely dressed for cleaning.

Step Two: Prepare the dining room for cleaning

Preparing the dining room can be as simple as putting on the lights to help you see as you clean, or it may include moving tables and chairs around, sweeping the rooms and collecting trash on the floors. Once the dining room is fully prepared, you can then commence on the restaurant dining room cleaning.

Step Three: Brush and wipe tables and chairs

It is definitely wise to start by cleaning the tables, chairs, windows and glasses before touching the floors. Can you imagine cleaning the floors before the walls and tables? It would be stupid, right? So, brush and wipe the tables properly, dust the furniture and other fixtures, clean and polish the glasses and windows before you think of vacuuming the carpets.

As for the glasses, use warm water and a piece of cloth to wipe dirt off. You can add cleaning detergents if necessary but always avoid using brushes on glass as much as possible. Note that cleaning should cover everything on the walls, including picture glasses, glass light fixtures, entrance doors and the windows.

Step Four: Clean the carpets and floors

Use a stiff broom to work the edges of your carpet. Sweep off all debris from the edges and pay attention to the extreme edges as they may have harbored food residues over time. After you are done cleaning the edges of your carpet, check for beverage spills, greasy food residues and other forms of dirt and clean them preferably by vacuuming. If you have a power washer, you may use it to remove the firmly stuck greasy food particles so long as its pressure is not too high to destroy your carpet.

Step Five: Clean the equipment and store them

After you are done cleaning the dining room, clean your equipment and store them safely in your storerooms. You can also repair and grease the machines that may have show signs of wear.


Although this guide may be helpful for daily cleaning tasks, you may need to hire professional cleaners from time to time for thorough cleaning. Contact Best Cleaning Guru to help you get experienced professional cleaners to work for you. Leave it to us to get you the right people for the right price.

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