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Have you ever used professional couch cleaning services for your office couch and other furniture in Singapore? If not, you need to consider it. Your office couch is one of the most expensive and most utilized furniture pieces in your office. It collects dirt from everywhere, because visitors coming from different places sit there, often opening their briefcases which were on the floor just a couple of moments ago.

You may have cleaned that floor, but it is unlikely to remain clean because many people would have stepped there with their shoes and the soles of those shoes bring in some dirt. Depending upon the season, the visitor may sweat as he or she sits on that couch, and effectively locks that dirt on the upholstery.

You of course spent a lot of time searching for the most impressive couch without much thought to how to clean it till the problem actually surfaced. Ordinary couch cleaning would not do, as you may easily damage it. You need professional couch cleaning specialists.



Why Ordinary Couch Cleaning Will Not Do


If your couch has leather upholstery, it needs to be maintained in a special way, whereas if it has fabric upholstery, it needs to be cleaned in another way. You may have selected soft cotton, silk, satin, or other cloth for that upholstery, but over a period of time, it can absorb ample dust and grime, offering the right environment for dust mites and germs to grow. Pollutants and dust also reside in cracks, gaps or crevices.

The fabric also tends to change its nature over a period becoming slightly stiffer, giving enough room for dust or grime to build up. This is true, especially in the case of leather.



 Options That Can Prove Damaging or Expensive


Cleaning the upholstery of your couch with the usual harsh chemicals, brush and water is also not an option, because such chemicals could ruin the fabric or fade the colors of the upholstery. Any harsh rubbing or brushing could damage the upholstery as well as the foam beneath the upholstery, making the couch uneven and unsightly, especially if materials such as cotton or coir are used to give the required sponginess to the couch.



Professional Services That Will Save You Money


Luckily, you do not have to change that upholstery every other year. Your concerns can be easily addressed by a professional couch cleaning company that offers you specialized services. We specialize in cleaning different things in your office, which are difficult for you to clean properly or regularly. Therefore, we can clean your couches, furniture, carpets, and much more.



How do we do it?


Our professional couch cleaning company uses different types of formulated agents so as to clean different types of stains and dirt from your couch or furniture. Therefore, the upholstery fabric is preserved along with its color and texture, and only the dirt, grime, and foul odors are removed from it. The formulated agents used by such businesses also leave a pleasant fragrance behind, keeping the air fresh and odor free for a long time. The cleaning agents that we use are not harmful to people or to the upholstery. Couches made from leather require specific moisturizers, and leather cleaners as well as some protectors for leather which are not easily available.

The other method we employ is using steam. Our furniture steam cleaning services are among the most specialized since we have various cleaning tools with nozzles and heating elements that generate steam which helps to clean the upholstery thoroughly. This hot water steam and extraction method is also eco-friendly. Apart from this method, the third option available for cleaning the couch is the dry cleaning method, which uses some agents like those used in conventional dry cleaners.

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