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5 Places In Your Office That Need Thorough Cleaning

Office spring cleaning services are a must when you look at your office in Singapore and you realize that it actually needs a white wash. An employee just got a cold again; you can spot the dust on your computers and the washrooms somehow stink. Maybe things don’t look that bad in your office, but listen to this. The average desk contains about 10 million germs, and it’s not just about the desk, the following are four other places in your office that need thorough cleaning.

Office tables and chairs

As mentioned above, that desk where you always place your hands when doing normal office work contains more germs than a toilet. And think of it this way, how often do you clean your toilet, maybe once or twice a week? But as for office chairs and tables, it can take months which is exactly why you need to clean the furniture well. Office spring cleaning services in Singapore can come in handy here.

Computer workstations

Most of us use computers on a daily basis but we rarely take time to clean them thoroughly as we should. The keyboards harbor a lot of dust which can be easily removed by compressed air. Dusting the mouse and speakers can also help prolong their use besides preventing you from catching illnesses when using them.

Floors and walls

Apart from the desk and toilets, office floors and walls are other places in your office that need thorough office spring cleaning services. The floors for example take credit for harboring the dust that employees drag into the office, food particles that fall, scraps of paper and human hair. And although most office floors in Singapore are cleaned on regularly, research shows that the floors don’t get cleaned up completely well during routine cleaning by employees. To counter this, allocate a day and hire professional cleaners to give your office walls a white wash. We can help you with that.

Doors and windows

From your clients to employees, government officials who visit your office and any other person who passes through your doors, they all leave a mark on the door. These marks, be it fingerprints, dust from their hands or anything else is a potential source of germs and bacteria. Windows also can’t be left out, as they are another good home for germs. To help you with stellar doors and window cleaning, consider subscribing our cleaning services and let us connect you with the best office cleaners in the city.

Conference rooms and lunchrooms

In case you have an office with a conference room or lunch room for employees, have them get cleaned completely well during your spring cleaning. From scraps of papers on the floor, food particles or anything else that may dampen the mood of your employees, get rid of it. Cleanliness has to always come first in any office, and we have the best people to help you with that. Why use us for office spring cleaning services in Singapore? We have been in this industry for long, and we know all about cleaning your corporate offices.

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