Mold Remediation Services

Mold remediation services is one of the broad range of industrial cleaning services we provide to industrial premises like pharmaceutical warehouses, cement manufacturing plants or factories. Other cleaning services include commercial kitchen deep cleans, floor cleaning, carpet cleaning and windows cleaning

Kitchen deep cleans

The well-being and good health of your staff and other visitors should always be your topmost priority and keeping your canteens and kitchens spotlessly clean is a critical part of that process.

Our professional staff are well trained and have vast experience in dealing with extensive kitchen cleaning including mold remediation services. Complete de-carbonising and de-greasing of your equipment is always a standard, whether cleaning is ad hoc or regular. Complete structural cleans are also executed, as are extraction, filter, and canopy cleaning. 

Keeping your carpets clean 

The hot and wet months in Singapore, which may be accompanied with least expected thunderstorms, may bring in a lot of muddy feet. The drier months on the other hand will bring unwanted dust into your office and can leave your carpets looking very dull. The above means keeping your carpet spotlessly clean can be very challenging in Singapore. 

There is nothing which is more off putting than walking into an office or a business that has a dirty carpet. Cleaning your carpets as soon as they have been messed up is the best remedy. This prevents nasty stubborn stains from accumulating on the carpet.

High traffic areas with carpeting like areas around doors, entrances, stairs, and passages will have to be cleaned more often. A carpet is a costly investment in your office and with a regular cleaning routine and proper care it should last for long. 

Carpets require to be deep cleaned at least twice a year to kill pests and germs that may be detrimental to both your staff and regular clients health. For this reason, you need to get a professional carpet cleaning service. We will come in to give your carpets an excellent deep clean thanks to our modern equipment and specialised cleaning chemicals. 

Office cleaning services

Do you want to see your office clean? Keeping your office clean is a primary requirement of every institution. Untidy cabinets, floors, tables, and ceilings can be a dark blotch on your office reputation. A majority of your clients and investors may not take you seriously and may reject your business ideas. Besides, your staff may lack the motivation to work with sincerity in an environment that is untidy. In such a scenario, its wise to take the assistance of professional office cleaning services. 

An office needs extensive and frequent cleaning at regular intervals. Currently, offices stress on cleaning not only furniture and floors but also computer accessories such as CPU’s keyboards, monitors and much more. We employ static cleaners to prevent any type of damage to your valuable computer accessories and other equipment. Our team employs the most modern technology for a quick removal of dust and dirt from your office to make it stain free. As the best industrial cleaning company, we provide you with the best cleaning services at a pocket-friendly price while guaranteeing a healthy environment for both your visitors and employees.

Professional window cleaning services

In our modern fast-paced globe, its quite hard to get the time to put in the needed effort to climb the ladder and wash your windows. Also, a majority of people don’t have the needed power washing tools and high pressure truck mounted equipment that are essential for such a job. You can’t afford to let your office crumble due to improper upkeep of your windows. Smeared and dirty windows obstructs the view from inside your office. It is therefore, crucial to ensure that your office windows are cleaned at a regular basis in order to enjoy the beautiful view outside. 

We employ pressure washing systems which ensure an extensive and deep exterior cleaning of your office irrespective of whether it has bricks or siding or is painted. Window cleaning is done with the assistance of de-ionised water technology and water fed poles. 

Mold remediation

Mold can seem like a destructive and daunting problem for an office owner. Besides bringing a major business interruption, it can present a bad health risk for both the employees and frequent clients exposed at your office. Mold infestations can be brought by minor water intrusions such as loose plumbing fitting and slow roof leak. Every minute spent cleaning up is a minute of lost productivity and revenue. If you suspect your office is infested by mold, call us for old remediation services and we will respond fast and work quickly to manage the situation in a professional way.

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