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Mold and mildew cleaning services are important in Singapore. That’s because businesses can quickly be infested by mold due to the introduction of water source, such as plumbing leaks or roof. It can in fact infest a place in as little as 48 hours, and this could lead to the production of irritants and allergens. This could cause a number of health effects that can be prevented if only proper cleaning mold and mildew would be done.

For those who suspect that their business is suffering from mold problems, it’s highly recommended to utilize commercial cleaning services, because these people can fully inspect and assess the building. In such cases where mold is found, they’ll do everything to solve the problem.

Understanding Mold

Molds exist everywhere — be it indoors or outdoors. That’s why a lot of establishments have the misconception that it’s impossible to remove them. There are some restoration services that advertise “mold removal services” in Singapore and most of them give a guarantee that mold would be taken care off, but they never managed to.

Here are some of the things that you should know about mold:
– Mold is present wherever you go– whether it’s indoors and outdoors.
– Molds are known to float around, and they quickly grow in colonies, especially when exposed in water.
– Before the mold remediation process, the water sources should be addressed first in order to ensure that the mold wouldn’t be able to return.
– Oftentimes, mold produces strong, musty odor and this could lead to serious mold problem.
– Even higher-than-normal humidity can contribute to mold growth, that’s why indoor humidity should be below 45%.

The Most Common Mold Misconceptions

Blame it on misleading advertising and sensational news stories. A lot of people have been misinformed about indoor mold. Familiarize yourself about the facts related to mold, as well as the mold remediation process.

Why Consider the Help of a Professional Cleaning Mold and Mildew Service


They Can Answer Your Call Right Away
It doesn’t matter what kind of problem it is, even if you’re considering cleaning mold from wood, The best commercial cleaning services are dedicated to responding almost immediately right when you need them. The faster the response time is, the lesser damage it would bring.

Highly Trained Mold Remediation Specialists
These people specialize in mold restoration and they have the training and expertise needed to solve the problem.

Document/Photograph Drying
For commercial establishments, documents and photographs are very important. However, due to mold and water issues, these can be damaged and we’ll do our best to prevent the situation from getting worse.

It doesn’t matter what type of documents got damaged, we have options to restore them, such as:
– Dehumidification
– Air Drying
– Vacuum Freeze Drying
– Vacuum Thermal Drying
– Freezer Drying

Advanced Mold Remediation Techniques

We only use the most advanced equipment to detect the source of water causing mold. After that, we isolate the area using a negative air pressure chamber to ensure that the problem would be resolved efficiently. 

Lastly, if you see any mold near waste lines, water pipes, plumbing fixtures, or icemaker lines, know that mold is probably feeding off a nearby leak. It’s important to call professional mold and mildew cleaning services in Singapore right away.

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