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Laundry cleaning services Singapore, as one of the world’s top financial centres, Singapore has a fast-paced lifestyle, with career-focused professionals who are always on the go. This inherent passion for work leaves little time for the urban Singaporean to attend to household chores like laundry cleaning.

In many cases, you will find helpers hired to help keep homes clean, but commercial laundry cleaning services are fast becoming the preferred way for businesses to ease up these responsibilities.

Our commercial laundry cleaning services company equipped with industrial machines capable of cleaning all manner of clothes, regardless of the fabric the garment made. Stains are pre-treated before the clothes laundered; while specialised equipment and agents are used to remove the remaining stains after post-spotting done. Choosing commercial services, in many cases, is more cost-effective than hiring helpers or doing it yourself.

The benefits of engaging these laundry cleaning service providers like Best Cleaning Guru are;


Our commercial laundry care will set a weekly schedule for each customer, so you only need to get ready for our pick up or drop off laundry service. The cleaning eliminates the hassle often associated with doing your laundry. Moreover, as a reputable laundry care provider, we also offer the facility of pick up or drop off services.

That is because people who handle business or otherwise occupied with hectic work schedules may be unable to visit the laundry shop in time.

Our laundry services make it convenient for businesses to get their laundry such as uniform or curtain delivered at their doorstep while your company can continue to focus on its core trade. Delivery can plan on a daily, weekly or bi-weekly basis according to your business needs.

Safe for your laundry

Your business may have special clothes that need to take care especially. You may, therefore, want to hire professional laundry care company that takes care of all these types of clothes or curtains. In many cases, we will let you choose the preferred cleaning methods for your expensive items.

Professional result

You can easily get a good outcome from a commercial laundry cleaning service than from your handiwork. Your clothes are delivered back into a neat pile; both dry- cleaned and ironed. You can put them in your wardrobe straight away. Our laundry cleaning services would save you from mundane tasks like picking laundry up from laundry baskets, folding and separating.

Apart from dry cleaning ordinary clothing, we also offer other services such as cleaning carpets, curtains, and bed sheets. The company strives for good customer relations and will ensure that you get the best out of their services.

Wedding gown cleaning and preservation

Your wedding dress symbolises of an extraordinary event and is probably your most prized possession, which makes special care paramount. When you drop off your wedding gown, it is cleaned using the safest and most efficient cleaning and preservation processes.

The goal of wedding gown cleaning and conservation is to prevent yellowing and eliminate mold and mildew risks, permanent creasing hazards, and to provide light and dust protection.

When you need it, your gown will be nicely packaged in a museum quality box, ready for you to take home and store in a cool, dry place. Contact us at +65 6248 0885 or email us at if you have additional questions or hire our services.

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