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When it comes to the cleaning procedures of medical centers and clinics, you need to give detailed attention, to maintain high standards. In order to maintain a healthy environment in a medical facility, you need to take up a targeted approach, and perform thorough cleaning and sanitation of surfaces and spaces. The medical cleaning services require to remove and reduce the bacteria and viruses in the medical units.

Our cleaning services

We have all the expertise that is required to thoroughly clean and maintain the medical centers and clinics so that the environment can remain completely clean and healthy. Our experts use high grade disinfectants to provide a complete kill spectrum, by causing less harm to the environment.

We do not compromise on medical-grade cleanliness at any cost. We perform cleaning in all kind of surfaces, and give special attention to high touch areas like the tables, door handles, light switches, phones, computer keyboards, side rails of patients beds, etc. Our ultimate goal is to preserve a clean environment for all the patients, hospital staffs and the visitors.

We include a color-coded cleaning system, which helps to minimize the risk of cross contamination. We use the micro-fiber technology in all the cleaning clothes and mopping programs to get rid of the soil contaminants. Our experts will give special attention to the places such as doorknobs, push plates, handles, dispensers, etc., which are the main areas for bacteria breeding.

We use the HEPA multi-filtration and high efficiency vacuuming technology to ensure that the dust is not blown back into the air. We work with less chemicals so that the environment gets less damaged. All the cleaners that we use are time-tracked, so we always come to know whenever a cleaner is not showing up for the job.

How we are different from others

It is essential to perform periodical deep cleaning to ensure that the floors and other surfaces remain in the best possible conditions, and toilets remain free of uric acid build up and all sorts of unpleasant odors which are generally found in unclean urinals. We ensure that your center remains clean, fresh and germ-free at all times so that the patients and employees feel comfortable.

All our staff have been trained on all the critical and non-critical products and procedures. Thus, they can ensure that there is complete infection control and the best possible cleanliness is maintained. They use all the advanced personal protective equipment such as gloves, masks and gowns, while cleaning in the critical care units as these have become contaminated.

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At Best Cleaning Guru, our experts evaluate the requirements of our customers individually and choose the perfect cleaning technology according to their needs. All our cleaners are background checked. Our employees are completely reliable and dedicated and make sure to work from the detailed check lists. They take up all the cleaning responsibilities so that you can get complete peace of mind. You can even avail our healthcare cleaning services in the waiting rooms, car parks, office areas, etc. Contact us and whichever package you opt for, the result will be a thorough and quality clean.

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