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We’ve been offering high quality hospital cleaning services, including affordable services to various institutions such as hospitals, clinics, laboratories and private clinics. During this period, we’ve gained rich experience and expertise in this area. We’ve also received many awards for our high quality services.

Hospital Cleaning Has Direct Impact on Clinical Outcomes

Wherever it’s undertaken, cleaning is important. However, when it comes to the healthcare industry, cleaning is of prime importance. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that cleaning can be the difference between life and death. Whether you consider public areas or high-risk clinical situations, it’s important to apply the right methodologies.

We provide healthcare establishments with a wide range of cleaning solutions specifically designed for healthcare environments. All our solutions are focused on creating safe environments for your staff and patients.

With our robust management systems and high-end operation tools, we’re able to focus on staff supervision and training to provide you with the best cleaning services. We make sure our methodologies are used in the best possible manner.

We always focus on ensuring appropriate cleaning protocols to make sure different environments within a hospital have an impact on levels of cross infection and recovery rates. We’re ready to help our clients in every manner possible.

Our Services Are Compliant With Rules and Regulations 

Most healthcare institutions need to comply with the various rules and regulations set by the Government to control hygiene in these settings. Similarly, we also comply with these stringent and strict health and safety standards. In addition to this, our services focus on specialized cleaning skills to clean and maintain complicated medical equipment.

Since we fully comply with health cleaning standards, our staff members are selected through a thorough screening process. We make sure they are qualified to clean and maintain medical equipment which is often expensive and fragile.

In addition to this, we use only safe and non-toxic materials as part of our high quality cleaning services. All the equipment we use complies with the healthcare institution’s standards and policies. Our chemicals are eco-friendly and don’t pose a threat to the health of your employees and patients.

We Work to Your Schedule 

With our rich experience in the industry, we understand that healthcare institutions like clinics and hospitals need to work strict schedules. We understand that ward rounds, meal times and patient visiting hours take place at particular times.

Due to this, our medical centre cleaning services always fit in with these specific times. We make sure our services suit your specific schedules, needs and requirements. Depending on the size of your clinic or hospital and cleaning needs, we provide both night and day shift staff.

Other Specialized Cleaning Services

Besides general cleaning services at your healthcare establishment, we also provide specialized cleaning services, such as ward hostessing, porterage and CSSD instrument washing. We can efficiently clean private areas, such as doctor’s rooms and wards. We can also look after laundry facilities and functions. If you want to get your healthcare practice cleaned thoroughly, give us a call right away and we’ll be happy to help.

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