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Curbing Spread Of Infections Through Healthcare Cleaning Services

Statistics from Center of Disease Control (CDC) indicates that healthcare-associated infections affect about 2 million people each year, yet only one third of those cases are considered preventable if appropriate infection procedures are put in place. The role of any healthcare cleaning services program is to ensure a clean environment for patients, healthcare staff and visitors. This helps in the reduction of healthcare acquired infections by providing efficient and effective hygiene in the hospital environment.

Top professionals usually have specialized training in ensuring that health centers are kept safe from roaming infectious bacteria that are normally housed in dirty environments. To disinfect surface areas in these facilities and to control healthcare-associated infections, the latest technology and industrial strength chemicals need to be used. To perform this risky job safely, all regulations must be met.

Importance of Choosing the Right Healthcare Cleaning Service Company

Preventing spread of fatal infections

Choosing a professional cleaner can be the difference between life and death. Stats from CDC shows that ineffective cleaning exacerbates the spread of infections in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Hiring the right professional cleaner will help in curbing the spread of infections.

Professional cleaners stay up-to-date in best healthcare cleaning practices

In every sector, standards often change and new regulations are normally passed. Those companies with enough resources are able to procure state-of-the-art technology and give employees the necessary training and equipment. With rising concerns on climate change, healthcare cleaning should incorporate green cleaning products and technology. Expert cleaners will often roll out the latest eco-friendly solutions in healthcare cleaning industry.

How to Clean Health Facilities

Health facilities must be cleaned using approved hospital-grade disinfectant and cleaning products. Aseptic cleaning personnel should be properly trained on both critical and non-critical disinfecting and cleaning protocols. They also need to be equipped with protective equipment such as gowns, gloves and masks when cleaning contaminated surfaces.

To reduce microbial levels requires terminal cleaning. Maximum attention should be given to high-touch areas (tables, phones, door handles, light switches, remote controls etc.). In this type of cleaning, highest surfaces are cleaned first. Advanced healthcare cleaning may be employed when necessary and this includes flat-mopping technology, microfiber technology in mopping programs and cleaning cloths, color-coding methodology to avoid cross contamination, high-efficiency vacuuming technology and no touch” system for soil removal.

Upholding The Best Cleaning Standards

The quality of cleaning services has a great impact in preventing infections in clinics and hospitals. With the help of specialized and well-trained hospital cleaning specialists, the healthcare industry can promote wellness and help in saving lives. Experts can easily note the difference between environmental equipment surfaces and biological contamination and that’s why they can easily prevent the transmission of disease-causing pathogens from patient to patient, patients to healthcare staff and from patients to visitors.

It’s vividly clear that healthcare facilities (clinics and hospitals) need a lot of attention when it comes to cleaning to avoid transmission of infections. Cleanliness in these facilities plays a crucial role in controlling the spread of diseases and other infections. Most hospital cleaning services are aimed at maintaining a clean environment through safe work practices, hand hygiene, protocols and standard cleaning procedures. These procedures assist these professionals in identifying hazards thus minimizing the risk of infection. Contact Best Cleaning Guru to keep your healthcare facilities hygienic and safe.

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