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Ensure Your Child’s Safety Through Child Care Cleaning Services



Child care cleaning services is one of the best ways in Singapore to keep the childcare environment as clean and orderly as possible. This ensures that the kids are healthy and safe from any form of sickness, dangers, and accidents.


One of the essential steps in minimizing the number of germs and the spread of disease is through cleaning the surfaces as thoroughly as possible. Surfaces get easily contaminated and children are more likely to have close contact with them.


Why? They place a number of things on these surfaces, such as toys, food, and even their hands. Also, kids are most likely to put anything in their mouths and that’s why it’s crucial to keep the areas as clean as possible.


Although regular cleaning can eliminate some dirt and dust, this doesn’t mean that everything has been sanitized and free of germs. This is where child care cleaning services become ideal. These professionals know what should be done to keep the environment free from germs and viruses.



Why Hire Child Care Cleaning Services



Cleaning professionals use various methods to remove germs from the surfaces. They perform additional steps of disinfection to ensure that most germs have been eradicated. This is usually done after cleaning the area with soap and rinsing it with water. However, items that can be washed in a dishwasher or a hot cycle washing machine don’t have to be disinfected since these machines use water that’s hot enough to kill most viruses and bacteria.

The disinfection process used by most cleaning services in Singapore utilizes chemicals that are stronger than regular soap and water. The disinfection process starts with soaking or drenching the items in chemical solution for a couple of minutes, allowing it to penetrate through the items and kill the remaining bacteria.

Commercial products that meet the EPA’s standards for “hospital grade” germicides can also be used for this purpose, and one of the most commonly used chemicals for disinfection in child care settings is the combination of bleach and water. Some commercial cleaning services use this solution, but there are those who have a specifically formulated chemical cleaning solution to ensure that it will kill 99.9% of germs.



Benefits of Child Care Cleaning Services

Best Cleaning Guru is one of the cleaning companies in Singapore that offers child care cleaning services, canopy cleaning services, and many more. We’ll give you a guarantee that your childcare environment would be thoroughly cleaned, in a way that will improve the look of the facility and make sure that the kids who are going to use it won’t get sick or suffer from any accidents often caused by a dirty and disorganized place.


We believe that consistent, scheduled maintenance is the only way to protect the health of the children as well as the staff. Not only will it cut overall costs, it will also improve the appearance and marketability of the place.

We’ll be more than pleased to offer you a free estimate for any commercial cleaning or janitorial services you’re going to need. Give us a call or fill out the contact form below.

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