Chandelier Cleaning Services Singapore

Chandelier cleaning services are becoming more important in Singapore with the increasing presence of these elegant lighting fixtures in commercial buildings, small business establishment, malls, hotels, and other opulent city places. Though, aside from making sure that this beauty is installed safely, it’s important to have it professionally cleaned as well; this is where chandelier cleaning services become useful.

The Need to Have the Chandeliers Professionally Cleaned

Chandeliers are a type of lighting fixture that creates a feeling of warmth, elegance, grace, and sometimes, it can even showcase wealth. They can easily fit into almost any room, whether it’s big or small, because of their versatility. With that, a chandelier has always been the focal point of a room, and if you want to keep them in sterling condition, it’s important to have them properly maintained. The best way to do that is by making sure that they’re clean, free of dust, dirt, and grime — that’s the purpose of chandelier cleaning services. These professionals would handle the entire chandelier restoration needs, ranging from cleaning off the cobwebs to expertly rewiring the chandeliers.

Using the “Drip-Dry” Method 

Chandeliers can be compared to jewelries. They give sparkle and magnificence, becoming the status symbol of the building. There are a lot of cleaning services that provide chandelier cleaning. However, most only utilize the “drip-dry” method. This cleaning method isn’t effective nor detailed in cleaning build-up residue on these luxurious pieces.

Obviously, you wouldn’t clean diamonds by simply using glass cleaner, and simply wait for them to dry and dry. Professional chandelier cleaning services don’t use that method, because they believe that the only way to perform a thorough and effective cleaning of all chandeliers is by carefully detaching, manual cleaning, and reattaching them again, which can be a very labor-intensive process.

Why Manual Cleaning Is Preferable

Once the crystals are fully sprayed, it’s important to wipe them after, because if not, a film will form on the crystal. Similar to how the windows or glasses are cleaned, you’re not allowed to spray glass cleaner on them without wiping it all. Other reasons why this method is not advisable for chandelier cleaning is the fact that it could damage the wiring, loosen the crystal arms, and could even lead to corrosion. 

This is also the reason why it’s important to inquire about the cleaning method a company will use before fully committing and hiring their services. 

Although the manual process is labor-intensive, the results are definitely remarkable and worth the cost. The process usually begins with disconnecting each piece of the chandelier and cleaning it manually. The chandeliers in apartment buildings, hotels, and businesses should be cleaned in professionally and in as meticulous a manner as possible. Aside from that, the metal work or finish should also be cleaned, especially if the aim is to be left with a beautiful chandelier that looks elegant.

Our company offers not only chandelier cleaning services, but church cleaning services in Singapore as well. We’ll give you the guarantee that we’ll do a professional job and every penny spent will definitely be worth the cost.

Whether you want your beautiful chandelier or church to be cleaned, give us a call for a free estimate.

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