Fluff and Fold Laundry Service

Some businesses in Singapore do not know what a fluff and fold laundry service is all about. Have you ever been in a situation that you are thinking of hiring more people or purchasing additional equipment to solve your laundry demands? Or, have you been in a situation in which the laundry is not of superb quality? Or perhaps, your laundry service issues are getting too big that it overshadows your core business? If this sounds like a problem you are having, then you would want to read this article.

The Real Cost of In-house Washing

Doing an in-house laundry for your business comes with a drawback. Most business owners haven’t really factored in all of the cost, and simply assumed that in-house laundry is the right answer. Let us explore this option in more detail.

* Time Factor – most people have done their laundry at some point in time. Most people know that it’s a very time-consuming endeavor. If you are doing it in-house, you are probably thinking of hiring someone to do it for the business. Even then, a person has only limited time and energy. And, you are basically paying someone by the hour. Most people would then invest in washing machines.

* Equipment – if your business is dealing with more and more demands, you have two options – hire more people or buy new equipment. The problem with washing equipment is, if you want a quality laundry service, you will need to invest in commercial-grade equipment as well as the right detergents. Now, these equipment cost a lot of money, and it wouldn’t make sense for your business as your service or product is not about doing laundry in the first place.

* People Factor – another issue is the employees. People can get unpredictable or unreliable at times. What if you need clean laundry at some point in time, and the employee that handles the tasks suddenly is a no-show or gets sick. Then you will have a big problem on your hand, probably risking the reputation of your business.

* Utility Bills – this is another issue that most business owners tend to overlook. Doing the washing will cost in terms of water and electric bills. So in the end, you have to pay for equipment, people and utilities.

The Better Laundry Option

The best option for this kind of problem is to hire a fluff and fold laundry service in Singapore. Why? Simply because you will be saving money by not hiring an employee to do the washing, you don’t have to buy equipment and you don’t have to pay for utility bills. And, there’s more.

To better run a business, it’s best that you systematize as much as you can. The more systematic your business, the less headache you will have. If you do an in-house laundry, you will have to manage employees, equipment and utility bills. That’s a lot of work on top of the actual product or service you offer.

A fluff and fold laundry service is a ready to go system. The professionals will pick up your laundry, separate them by colors, wash them, fluff them, fold them and deliver them. That’s it! That’s a lot easier compared to managing everything by yourself.

If you are running a business and you are offering a free laundry service, then it’s best that you let a professional company handle this aspect of your business. These professionals have the proper equipment and tools to efficiently do the laundry for your business. In return, you don’t have to manage, buy or hire people, equipment and utilities.

Don’t let the problems of having a laundry service overshadow your core business. Let us help you. We are one of the best fluff and fold laundry services in Singapore, including hotel laundry service. Call us and systematize the laundry part of your business now.

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