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Travertine floor cleaning services is a common type of floor cleaning services in Singapore for commercial buildings and factories, especially in the toilet and lobby areas. Since keeping your commercial property clean is important for warding off health catastrophes and promoting a work-conducive environment, the need to clean your flooring is very important. You may have noticed that no matter the amount of cleaning effort is done, your travertine flooring always looks dull and there are visible dirt, dust and grime.

So, why is travertine flooring very hard to clean? And, how can a professional cleaning service help my business? If you are curious to know the answer to these questions, then read on.



The Problem


If you have ordered your staff for a commercial or factory floor cleaning and the flooring are mainly composed of travertine, then your staff will have a big problem. Although travertine is a beautiful flooring material, the biggest drawback of this material it’s structure. Part of the appeal of travertine is the craters, depressions and pits found in the stone. Yet, this is also the same reason why it’s very difficult to perform a deep clean.

The craters, depression and pits found in the travertine become a safe haven for dust, dirt and grime. No matter the amount of sweeping, vacuuming and mopping, the filth is lodged inside the stone’s nooks and crannies.



The Solution


Having a clean business premises can create an environment that relaxes the mind and body of your employees, thus significantly increasing productivity. Also, the last thing you want is a health-related outbreak that will cause financial strain on your business.

A professional travertine floor cleaning service is not only able to perform deep cleaning, but they can make your flooring last longer and make them look like it’s new again.

The first thing that a professional service will do is to figure out the kind of travertine flooring you have. Travertine flooring can come in polished, hone or brushed surface. Each of these surfaces will need a specialized cleaning method. Also, a professional service will assess the level of treatment your flooring will require. After enough information is gathered, an effective treatment plan is then formulated and implemented.

A professional service has access to special tools and equipment. This is one of the main reasons why you or your staff can’t clean the flooring as well as the professionals. A professional service will usually use a heavy duty cleaner to clean your travertine flooring. This equipment is able to project high-pressure water to extract the dust, grime and filth stuck within the travertine’s nooks and crannies. The same equipment also comes with a vacuum cleaner to simultaneously suck the filth before it has the chance to scatter.

Once the deep cleaning is done, professionals usually apply a sealant to the flooring. The sealant forms a protective layer over the surface. This will prevent the filth from getting stuck into the travertine’s nooks and crannies again. As a result, you will have flooring that will stay clean for longer periods of time.

Travertine is a beautiful limestone that is often used as a flooring material for commercial structures. The craters, depression and pits found in the travertine surface are a big part of its appeal. It’s also the reason why it’s very hard to clean as filth can get stuck into them. A professional floor cleaning service possess both the equipment and expertise to do a deep clean and make your flooring look like it’s new again. Furthermore, a professional can help make your flooring last longer by applying the right sealing agent. If you are looking for a good travertine floor cleaning services in Singapore, then it’s best that you contact the Best Cleaning Guru. We have the tools and expertise to turn even the filthiest travertine flooring into a squeaky clean floor.

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