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The need for timber floor cleaning services in Singapore did not consider a priority for many business owners. Most business owners or managers think that anyone can clean a floor made of wood.

It is only when they repeatedly sweep, scrub, vacuum and mop the flooring that they realize that they cannot bring back the original color and gloss.

So, why is timber flooring very hard to deep clean? Moreover, how can a professional wood floor cleaning services help me? If you are pondering the answers to these kinds of questions, then read on.

Small Grooves, Big Pain

Timber used as a flooring material produces an exquisite and cozy atmosphere to your business premises. It makes your employees and customer feel comfortable and welcomed.

For employees, it creates an environment that is very conducive to work, thus increasing productivity. For customers, it helps in building rapport, which can lead to easier sales.

When your flooring was new, the wood radiates with a beautiful color. Over time, the color seems to go dull and flat. No matter the amount of scrubbing, mopping, vacuuming and sweeping, it does not get back to its original color.

The reason behind the pains of cleaning timber is because of its structure and arrangement. This particular wood has many grooves on its surface. Furthermore, there are small spaces in between the planks. Dirt, grime, dust and filth get stuck into these gaps and spaces, and there is no conventional cleaning equipment out there that can get them out. As a result, your flooring looks dull and flat.

There Is An Easy Way

If you want to clean deep and bring back the original color, gloss, and appeal of your hardwood flooring, then your best bet is to hire a professional cleaning service.

There are two things that these kinds of services that bring to the table – expertise and equipment. These two reasons are the biggest factors why you or any of your employees cannot match the results of the professional.

The first thing that a professional does is to assess your flooring. There are two critical factors in this step.

First is the particular kind of timber.

The second is the level of cleaning treatment needed. After the professionals have gathered the critical data, a cleaning plan is formulated and implemented.

The right cleaning solution is very critical. Timber is very susceptible to moisture and harsh chemicals. If the solution is not strong enough, optimum cleaning results may not achieve.

Nevertheless, if the cleaning agent is too strong, you might end up doing with a damaged flooring.

When it comes to actual cleaning, professionals have the right equipment to perform a deep clean on the flooring. Most of the time, professionals will use a specialized high-speed rotary brush, with a built-in vacuum cleaner. However, the exact equipment that will use depends on the kind of wood flooring you have.

No matter the type of cleaning equipment, the basic idea still implemented. The machine will extract and trap the dirt, dust, grime and filth stuck in the grooves and spaces within the flooring.

At the same time, the powerful vacuuming action will suck the dirt before it has a chance to spread around. As a result, you will have a flooring that is not only deep clean, but also appear as if it is new.

Timber wood is a popular flooring material in Singapore. However, it is tough to clean as filth can get stuck in the surface’s grooves and spaces.

Hiring a professional timber floor cleaning services can deep clean your flooring, and bring back to its original appearance.

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