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Tile and grout cleaning services Singapore, manyMost business owners and estate managers in Singapore think that are not needed. They believe that their employees can simply do the work. It’s only when they notice that no matter how a person brushes, sweeps, scrubs or vacuums the flooring, it never gets back to its original colour and gloss.

So, why is tile and grout flooring difficult to clean? And, what can a floor cleaning services bring to the table? If these kinds of question linger in your mind, then read on.

Microscopic Issues, Big Pains

There is a reason why no matter how you or your employees clean your tile flooring, it will never look as if it’s new. The culprit behind the problem best viewed under a microscope. If you look tile and grout under a microscope, you will notice that it has plenty of holes. The tiny holes because tiles and especially grout are very porous materials. These microscopic holes become a hiding place for stains, dirt, grime, dust and filth. Typical cleaning tools and solutions are not robust enough to get the filth out.Some business owners or managers think that the solution is getting a more powerful cleaning agent. Big mistake! While it is true that more powerful solutions can clean out the filth, but it is because the surface layer of the tiles and grout are damaged and removed. In other words, you are scraping the dirt off, along with the surface of the tiles and grout. Damaging does not equate to clean.

The Easy Way

Do you honestly want to clean your tiles and grout flooring, then the best solution is to hire a professional cleaning service? What do these professionals have to offer? Two words – expertise and equipment.

Cleaning your flooring will need expertise. First, the professionals will need to assess the kind of material used for the flooring and grout. Each material reacts differently to a cleaning solution. Choosing the wrong one will end up with a broken tile and grout. Also, the treatment level needed to be taken into consideration. When all of the vital information is acquired, a cleaning plan then created and implemented.

The other thing that a professional can offer is equipment. Professionals are not limited to using standard cleaning tools and equipment. In fact, when it comes to cleaning the tiles and grout, they will use a commercial-grade steamer and vacuum.

What this tool does is eject high-pressure water directly into the flooring. The PSI controlled so that the flooring won’t be at risk for any damages. The high-pressure water dislodges the dust, dirt, grime and filth trapped within the microscopic holes. Simultaneously, the dust vacuumed off the floor.

As a bonus, a professional service can apply a sealant to your newly cleaned floor. The sealant forms another layer of protective barrier. As a result, your floor will stay cleaner for longer periods of time.

Most business owners and managers make a mistake of thinking that tile and grout cleaning is an easy task. If you want a deep-clean, a kind that makes your flooring appears like new, then a professional cleaning service is the answer. Professionals have the expertise and tools to clean the tile down to the microscopic level.

If you are seriously looking for a real good tile and grout cleaning services in Singapore, then you might want to contact the Best Cleaning Guru now. Our staffs are standing by to entertain any questions you may have. Call us or drop us an email now.

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