Terrazzo Floor Cleaning Services Singapore

Terrazzo floor cleaning is not easy as most business owners think. The reasons why terrazzo is a very elegant and beautiful kind of flooring, are also the reasons why cleaning can be a pain in the neck.

So, what makes terrazzo flooring very difficult to clean? And, what can a professional do that my employees or me can’t? To help you with that, this article is going to focus on answering these questions.

Beautiful But Soft

Terrazzo is made of different materials and held together with a chemical and polymeric binding. This kind of flooring usually includes glass, granite, quartz and marble. The result is a beautiful combination of stones. On the downside, the arrangement and binding is also the problem why its very difficult to clean. You see, the polymeric binding is relatively “soft”. In time, it will be scratched and dented. Another factor is the stones incorporated to the terrazzo, which are very porous material.When you combine these factors, you will have a flooring that will have cracks, pores and scratches. These places become prime hiding spots for dust, grime and filth. Common cleaning materials and solutions are not powerful enough to remove the filth stuck in the minute spaces.

The No-Headache Solution

As terrazzo is a special kind of flooring material, it’s only fitting that you will need a specialized expertise and cleaning, something that only a professional can offer.

First off, the professionals will capitalize on their expertise in assessing the level and kind of treatment appropriate for the flooring. After all the needed information is acquired, a cleaning treatment is formulated, and later implemented. One of the most important things to consider is the right cleaning agent. The polymeric binding can react to certain chemicals. If you are not an expert, you could use the wrong kind of cleaning agent, and possibly melting the polymeric binding. By then, you will have a bigger problem and costlier repairs. Another factor that professionals can bring to the table is the equipment and tools. Professionals are not limited to using common cleaning solutions and materials. Most of the time, they use a heavy duty cleaner, capable of ejecting high-pressure water. The sheer pressure will dislodge the hidden filth efficiently and safely. You might think that this equipment will make a bigger mess as water and filth are ejected at high velocities. Fortunately, this is not so.

The same equipment that projects high-pressure water, also incorporates a very powerful vacuum cleaner. As the water is ejected, the vacuum cleaner simultaneously vacuums the water along with the filth with it. There is little chance for the filth to fly around.

The professionals can also apply the right sealing agent. This sealant is applied on top of the terrazzo flooring almost immediately after the cleaning is done. The sealant will protect the newly cleaned floor and make the service last longer.

A terrazzo flooring is very beautiful because of its composition and structure. Unfortunately, it’s also the same reason why it’s such a headache to clean. It’s easy for filth to hide in the pores, cracks and scratches. Regular cleaning tools and solutions are not simply able to dislodge them. Your best solution is to hire a professional. Professionals not only have access to high-powered tool and equipment, but they also have the right expertise to perform a deep and safe clean. If you are looking for a good cleaning agent, then our company is ready to help. We can clean also offer other services like bamboo floor cleaning. Contact the Best Cleaning Guru now and get a relive from your cleaning-related headaches.

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