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Marble floor cleaning services Singapore are one of the most sought after services in Singapore. Marble is a beautiful flooring material if used right. It exuberates elegance and sophistication.

For many commercial contractors and business owners, marble is one of the top choices for flooring. Marble can lose its glossy feature as filth and wear take its toll.

You may have experienced this yourself when you take a good look at the marble flooring in your business premises. Of course, you may direct one or more employees to clean the marble flooring, hoping to get that “shine” just like new. Even after all of the cleaning efforts, your marble flooring may still look just as dull as before.

So why is marble so hard to clean and bring back its glow? Moreover, how can a marble and tile cleaning service help me? If you are curious to know the answer to these questions, read on!

The Pain Of Cleaning Marble Flooring

As mentioned before, marble is a beautiful material because of its structure, and it is mainly composed of interlocking and compressed carbonate crystals. When light hits the crystals, it will reflect back the light, giving the marble its unique sheen.

On the downside, because marble mostly made of crystals, it is very porous. The interlocking crystals also mean that there are spaces in between crystal formations. These microscopic pores and spaces are prime hiding spots for dust, grime, and filth, and then becomes a breeding place for bacteria and other microscopic organisms.

When it is time to clean your marble flooring, even though you or your employees can try scrub, mop, and vacuum as hard as possible, it is close to impossible extracting the filth because it nicely hides in the pores and spaces within the marble. As a result, your flooring will still look dull and flat.

The Easy Way

If you want your tile to shine like it is new, then your best option is to hire a marble floor cleaning service. The biggest difference why a professional can bring back that shine and deep clean is because of their expertise and use of specialized equipment.

Professionals have the expertise to assess the condition of your flooring. They will take into consideration the particular kind of marble and the needed treatment level. When enough data collected, an effective cleaning plan is then formulated and executed.

When the actual cleaning begins, professionals will use a heavy-duty floor cleaner. Usually, this equipment will eject high-pressure water that will dislodge the dirt, dust, and grime that trapped within the marble’s pores and minute spaces. The equipment also has a high-powered vacuum cleaner that simultaneously sucks out the filth, preventing it from scattering.

Once the professionals are done cleaning the floor, the next step is all about polishing and sealing. The professional will use equipment that will polish the marble. After that, the right sealant then applied. The result is a flooring that looks like new.

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Marble may be the one of the most luxurious and elegant flooring material for you and your business. However, marble flooring is also one of the most challenging to clean. This is because it contains microscopic pores and minute spaces that trap dirt, grime, dust, and filth quickly.

For most business owners, marble can be a headache to clean and bring back its shine. Your best bet is hiring professionals as they have the expertise and equipment to clean your marble flooring thoroughly and also brings back its gloss.

If you are looking for an excellent marble floor cleaning service in Singapore, then the Best Cleaning Guru is here to help. We also provide various floor cleaning services such as floor tile cleaning service as well. We have the right expertise and the proper equipment to help you clean your flooring.

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