Granite Floor Tiles Cleaning Services Singapore

Having the right knowledge on proper maintenance and cleaning granite floor tiles is essential in any business to keep the timeless beauty of the natural stone.

As an igneous rock, granite is quite hard and durable, making it ideal for commercial lobbies, entryways, kitchen, bathroom, and any area of a good-looking establishment. It is able to withstand heavy foot traffic and highly durable, displaying resistance to stains, heat, impact from dropped objects, while bestowing elegance to any place. However, it can eventually lose its luster if regular cleaning is not observed, and neither is it impervious to getting damaged. Each of the following is an indicator that your granite flooring entails the maintenance it deserves towards the benefit of your business:

Heavily Soiled Surface

Though stain-resistant, oil, coffee, or other acidic substances can be inevitably spilled on granite and still result to a worn-out look. Hence they must be quickly wiped off and the right cleaning formula should be used to remove the unsightly appearance. There are a myriad of concoctions that can be easily made from readily available kitchen ingredients, to store bought stone cleaners. Extreme caution is a must to ensure that it is safe for your granite flooring to eliminate the possibility of doing more harm than good. This can be rightfully addressed by professional cleaners who will likewise deal with dullness too, as your granite flooring regains its shine and depth in color.

Dirty Grout

A dirty grout with granite flooring is less common, but if it does get dirty and soiled, a grout cleaner would usually suffice. It’s best to test it on a small corner first, better yet, cleaning tile floor grout should go along with professional cleaning service. Clean tiles and grout see to it that safety of both customers and employees are observed with better traction of floors and less risk of falling or slipping.

Scratches, Cracks and Chips

Natural stone such as granite and marble can sometimes be scratched, cracked or chipped, as well as develop joints or seams despite its strength and hardness. Light scratches can be addressed with cream polishes, but actually only to temporarily camouflage them. Cracks and chips can be sometimes covered by means of using a repair kit, but can be really time consuming and must be handled with care. Let professional cleaners handle it to the best of their ability and training expertise.

Badly Worn Out

Unruly scratches, stains, and a badly worn granite surface can still be repaired, but carefully and delicately done. This can be guaranteed by reliable, well-trained professional cleaners. Cleaning granite floor tiles, polishing, refinishing, and sealing its surfaces and the grout renders utmost protection. It also greatly helps prevent discoloration and minimize, if not eliminate, future repairs.

Why Hire Us?

The easiest way to go is to have professional cleaners perform the job effectively and efficiently for you. Hiring the right company paves the way for better time management since the task at hand is completed without any effort on your part. With specialized training, we make certain that from preparation, honing and polishing, to sealing and cleaning tile floor grout, the entire process of cleaning granite floor tiles is thoroughly executed. Not only that, your flooring is revitalized and restored as necessary, delivering you with excellent service and big savings as you get to keep a long-lasting lustrous floor. Choosing granite as your flooring is a wise investment, and choosing professional granite cleaners is even a wiser choice for your business image. Make the right decision of calling the Best Cleaning Guru now!

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