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Cleaning wooden floor can be challenging to you and your employees. Not only it’s a flooring material that is very susceptible to moisture damage, but the heat of the Singapore weather can seriously affect the integrity of the wood. Hence, cleaning floors made of wood will need specialized tools and expertise to make it truly clean without doing any harm to the wood.

So, what are the common problems with wooden flooring in relation to cleaning? And, how can a professional wood cleaning service help me? If you are asking yourself these questions, then stick around as this article is going to explore the answers.

The Wood Problem

When it comes to cleaning a wooden floor, there are two major concerns that need your attention. First is the cleaning itself. The second concern is not causing damage.

Most people will simply use a vacuum, mop or broom. This article is not going to say that these tools will not clean your floor. The real issue is, do they really clean that well?

The problem with brooms and mops is that they simply move the dirt and dust around. A wet mop may be able to trap dust and dirt, but moisture will damage your wood flooring. Furthermore, a mop and broom are not able to get into the pores and tiny cracks within the wooden floor. Hence, no matter how you mop or broom your floor, there are still dirt, dust and filth that lingers deep within the wooden floor’s cracks and pores.

For some, the vacuum may be the solution. A vacuum cleaning can do a better job compared to the mop and broom. However, the big drawback is that the vacuum cleaner may scratch the surface of the wood. This will expose the wood to the environment and severe damage will soon follow.

The Solution

This article is not going to say that don’t mop, broom and/or vacuum your wooden floor as its pointless. These cleaning tools can clean your wooden floor to a certain level. However, if you truly want to clean your wooden floor, then hiring a professional wood floor cleaning service is your best bet.

The biggest advantage of professionals is the tools and equipment they can access. They have the tools to extract dirt, dust and filth that are lodged inside the wooden floor’s cracks and pores. Professionals usually use a combination of rotary brush that is safe for the wood, and the right cleaning solution. As a result, you will have the cleanest wooden floor possible as the professionals are actually extracting and trapping the dirt, dust and filth instead of simply moving them around.

Then there is the expertise. Unless you have been cleaning wood floors as a profession, then there is no way you can match the kind of work that professionals bring to the table. When it comes to wooden floor, the most critical factor that comes from expertise is identifying the right kind of cleaning agent to use. As mentioned before, this kind of flooring is susceptible to damage. The expertise factor of the professionals can deep-clean your wooden floor with the use of a solution that is strong enough to clean, but not harsh enough to damage the floor.

Cleaning wooden floor is not the same compared to cleaning marble or tile flooring. The biggest challenges are the deep cleaning and safety of the wooden flooring. Most people simply do not have the expertise and tools to perform a deep cleaning with wooden flooring. The biggest advantage of professionals is they will be able to perform a deep-cleaning and at the same time preserve the integrity of your wooden floor. If you are looking for a professional to clean your wooden flooring, then you might want to check the Best Cleaning Guru. It’s highly advisable that you contact us right now, and ask us we can help you. Also, if you have problems cleaning garage floor, then we can help you with that.

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