Stone Floor Tiles Cleaning Services Singapore

Stone floor tiles cleaning services can help owners of business buildings and other commercial block in Singapore who are struggling with this. Having tiles put in place is one thing while maintaining them is another. In a bid to help you maintain their luster and appealing look, below is an in-depth coverage on cleaning with attention shifting from what affects or damages them, how to clean them and finally setting up a regular cleaning schedule.

Why seek professional cleaning services for your stone floor tiles?

Damaged stone floor tiles

Probably your business building; office, health care facility or store is frequented with customers on a regular basis. This high traffic wears out and deface your tiles. Cleaning is done but not with recommended cleaners and reagents that rhyme with the type of stone tiles installed. moreover, sand and grit that is not successfully cleaned damage stone tile surfaces due to abrasion. Dirt from spills build up and clog stone micro pore resulting into breeding of disease-causing bacteria and pathogens. Lastly, if your tiles are exposed to a harsh environment characterized of weathering elements, regular cleaning should be done to maintain their look.

Solutions for cleaning and restoration of damaged tiles

  1. Impregnation of tiles.

Stone absorbent quality aid its impregnation with durable sealants. Sealants are play a vital role in protecting interior surfaces from staining. Nevertheless, the prevent spilled fluids from penetrating into the stone and interfering with its micro-pore structure by filling the gaps.

  1. Scrubbing.

Professionals scrub using specified cleaning appliances and solutions that guarantee the best results. Among these equipments are brushes and scrubbers that have graded bristles to clean different tiles of varying textures. Chemical solutions used are commonly enzyme based and it is their application that matter during cleaning.

  1. Polish.

Once cleaning is done, stone floor tiles are polished to restore their initial appealing look if the colouring was not affected. If colouring was permanently affected, polishing will be done with a uniform colour.

Why choose us?

Being the best cleaning gurus in Singapore, we provide top-notch services that meet your standards. Value for your dollars too is ensured since our costs are low depending on the information given when ordering for quotes. To cater for your surfaces, we use state-of-the-art equipment whose functionality suits your cleaning needs. Cleaning solutions to meet your requirements since a number of test and inspection are done to determine choice of chemicals to use. Other services offered include cleaning kitchen floor grout and its restoration. Being conversant with cleaning services, your kitchen grout can have a face lift by contacting us through our customer service team.

Attention is paid to details when cleaning your floor tiles. Choosing whether to steam or brush your tiles is done on site. Lastly, we provide a full report containing the date when the last cleaning was done, methods used and a future cleaning date. Contact us today and and protect your expensive flooring investment.

Stone floor tile cleaning services is a must in Singapore. If you want to have your tiles maintain their sparkle and original luster and appealing look, contact us for help today.

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