Emergency Dry Cleaning

Emergency Dry Cleaning Services Tips

Carpets are very susceptible to dirt and dust caused by coffee spills, fallen chewing gums and other forms of stains. The good thing is that these stains and dirt particles can be cleaned by the use of the right chemicals and procedures. Continue reading to learn some good tips to use when your carpet gets messed up at an unexpected time and you need emergency dry cleaning done.

Coffee, tea and soup spills

When any of these liquid substance spills on to your floor, start by blotting the excess spills to reduce the size of the stains. Apply vinegar detergent solution on the stained part a little at a time. The right way to eliminate liquid substance spills is by working inwards from the outer edges of the stains. Doing the opposite of this could lead to an increased size of the stain. Moreover, since this might be an emergency situation, the goal is to get a clean and dry carpet. So, always use dry mopping cloths but most importantly take your time to get great results.

Solid fats, oils and chewing gum stains

In the case of coffee spills, start by cleaning the excesses. For chewing gums, use a blunt knife to scrape the stuck parts. Add a dry cleaning solution and then vinegar cleaning detergent to soften the stuck gum parts. On the other hand, you can mix clean water with the vinegar detergent and then spray the affected area. Finally, you can blot dry to get a sparkling and dry carpet.

Blood, sweets, ice cream or vomit

When blood or vomit stains the carpet, it is easy to panic or to get worried that the stains might leave a permanent mark on your carpet. However, removing these marks is not hard so long as you have the right solutions and skills to do it. First, scrape off or wipe out the flowing blood to contain the stains to a manageable size. Use a cleaning detergent to soften the hardened spots and then follow up with ammonia solution. Ammonia actually helps to disinfect the affected areas, removing the blood or ice cream stains. Finally, dry the affected area with a dry piece of cloth to get desired results.

Unknown stains

When unknown stains dirty your carpet, the cleaning should be done thoroughly. Usually, it is advisable to wear protective gear such as gloves when doing any kind of cleaning, emergency or not. In this case, begin by scraping the surplus spillage from the outer edges towards the inside. Use a dry cleaning detergent to soften the stains and then pour clean lukewarm water for further rinsing. If the stains persist, add vinegar detergent solution and then dry the area with a dry mop.

While this basic guide should be enough to remove dry stains during emergency situations, hiring an emergency carpet cleaning services company can give you much better results. This is especially true if the cleaning surface is large and it needs to be done more frequently. Best Cleaning Guru can help you get in touch with a good emergency cleaning company, when you need it no matter what the cleaning emergency might be; so feel free to contact us today!

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