Emergency Drain Cleaning Services Singapore

Emergency Drain Cleaning

Emergency drain cleaning services in Singapore are needed when the sink or toilet in your commercial establishment get blocked . When this happens, you can either clean them on your own or call a professional. Of course hiring professionals should be the way to go, but if you cannot wait for help to get to you, here are some factors you should consider before purchasing the cleaning tools.

Level of blockage

You may have probably tried pouring hot water in a blocked drain only to realize that your efforts were futile. In fact it can also be very frustrating if you purchase some drain cleaning chemicals only for them to remove a very small portion of the clog. Therefore, when thinking of purchasing chemicals or equipment to unblock your clogs, consider how blocked your sink or toilet is. It is however hard to find out the level of blockage in a drain, so if the simple remedies don’t work for you, you need to wait for the emergency drain cleaning professionals to get to your place.

Types of pipes

The most common blockages happen to kitchen pipes, toilets and in the showers. As for kitchens, a clog is usually made up of food particles and grease while the pipes can either be galvanized steel or plastic. Showers on the other hand have pipes made of ceramic with human waste, hair and papers being the biggest cause of blockage. All in all, these types of blockage can easily be cleared by use of chemicals such as sodium hydroxide or sodium hypochlorite. The chemicals cause dislodging by releasing gases that can dissolve the waste products. Note that for those with septic pipes, chemicals drain cleaning methods may not be a wise solution as they can affect the quality and cleanliness of water. In this case getting the services of an emergency drain cleaning company is the best option

Types of clog

Where grease and food particles is the cause of blocked pipes, simple remedies such as pouring hot water and baking soda can be enough. However, if the blockage is a result of synthetic fiber, nylon papers and other solid materials such as plastic and wood, then your problem might be a little bit hard to solve on your own.

And even if you can remove the clog by yourself, you will need to buy tough drain cleaning solutions such as sulfuric acids, drum augers, gel cleaning solutions among others in order to completely get rid of the clog. However, you may have realized that it is very hard to have your sink and toilet get clogged with all that hard to remove crap unless you have very young kids or you are a bit uninformed. All the same, every cleaning need has a solution. It just requires the right people to do the cleaning.

Everyone will agree that having clogged drains can be very annoying in any office. However, why stress yourself in trying to clean the dirty stuff when we can help you get the best emergency draining cleaning services in town? Just contact us and we, Best Cleaning Guru, shall get the best to have your blocked sinks and drains get thoroughly cleaned in no time.

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