Emergency Carpet Cleaning Services Singapore

Emergency carpet cleaning services in Singapore are crucial because carpets take up the biggest amount of space in our offices and other places of work. They are very vulnerable to water and can thus harbor molds and algae if not taken care of. These molds, water damages and other accidental spills can be very pricy if not handled at the right time. So, let’s discuss some of the things you can do to dry clean your carpet when emergencies occur before you call emergency carpet cleaning services to get the job done.

Mix detergents proportionately

Cleaning detergents such as vinegar and ammonia solution can be very helpful when removing stains from your carpet. However, adding too much could either damage your cleaning machine or affect the cleaning. Take for example when mixing drinks. You add both types of drinks proportionately. The same case applies to detergents. Some of them are very powerful and can damage your carpet depending on what material it is made of. In fact, some carpets absorb excess detergents and create a residue that could attract more dirt. Therefore, always consider the manufacturer’s recommendations before adding detergent to any type of cleaning liquid.

Clean according to your carpet needs

Just as different types of carpet stains require different kinds of cleaning; your emergency dry cleaning services should also be guided by the type of carpet that you own. Usually, most of the synthetic fiber carpets aren’t affected much by common cleaning detergents and vacuum cleaners. However, if you own a wool made or oriental fiber carpet, the best thing to do when there are stains on your carpet is to call a professional cleaner. These types of carpets are a bit more sensitive, and a little bit of confusion in the detergent mix-up could cause as much harm to it as the stains had already done.

On the other hand, your carpet can also get damaged if you use a strong cleaning machine. The pressure produced by some cleaning machines usually leads to massive color bleeding and staining. So, always take the time to research on what the best way to clean emergency stains are for your specific type of carpets.

Follow up emergency cleaning

After you are through with the emergency cleaning, now work towards keeping your carpet spick and span throughout the year. Look at it this way. You eat three times a day, go to the gym and you still require seeing a doctor regularly, right? The same case applies to your carpet. Even after cleaning it after emergencies, which we can as well equate to doing first aid to someone, you require regular cleaning and maintenance. And that’s where you now require the services of commercial cleaning services. It is recommended to have your carpet cleaned by professional cleaners every 6 to 12 months.

As you consider putting our cleaning tips into use the next time you get emergency carpet cleaning services in Singapore, think about long term cleaning and let us connect you with professionally trained carpet cleaning companies to work for you.

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