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Emergency Cleaning Services Singapore, when a toilet, sink, tub or shower drain gets clogged, it is easy to panic especially because not many people have an idea of how to unblock them. However, clearing clogged drainage areas can be very easy if the clogging caused by simple materials such as hair or grease.

If the sink or toilet remains clogged after the cleaning, you will need emergency cleaning services to clean up the clog for you ASAP. Check out some of the ways clogged drains get unblocked in the article below.

Chemical drain cleaning

Chemicals come in liquid or solid forms and are readily available in hardware shops should you need them. The chemicals can either be acidic or alkaline in nature. The alkaline solutions are usually a mix of sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite. This mixture once released into the clogged drains releases a gas that leads to dislodging of the substances that caused clogging. In some cases, aluminum turnings are added to sodium hydroxide to cause boiling for faster dislodging.

On the other hand, acidic chemicals such as sulphuric acid dissolve tissue papers, hair, fats, and proteins at a much more rapidly rate. There is every reason never to use acidic chemicals on your drains without the help of a professional. Sulphuric acid corrodes metal to produce a highly irritating vapor which could lead to chronic eye problems, skin burns if touched or even fatalities if swallowed. Chemical drain cleaners, in general, are not very efficient in removing clogs that are stuck deep inside pipes but for emergency drain cleaning this should work fine until you get professional help.

Handheld drain augers

There is a protruding drill which cleans or unclogs the pipes at a range of 25 feet. The auger usually is driven into a drain by the mechanical force produced by rotating the drum that supports the cable.

Handheld drills are designed to fit inside thin household sinks. However, these augers can scratch ceramic which explains why they are not recommended for cleaning toilets.

Air burst drain cleaners

Air burst drain cleaners use accelerated carbon IV oxide to rupture the clog membranes. More often than not, these cleaners are used to rupture clogs found near the openings. They are very efficient in their work and can clear clogged pipes in less time.

They can also remove dense clogs as compared to plungers and don’t forget that they do not scratch ceramic materials. On the downside, air burst cleaners are not effective in cleaning main sewer drains since they cannot clean clog that runs deep inside the pipes.

Home remedy cleaning

If you do not have the time to call professional drain cleaners immediately, you can boil water and pour it into the drain openers. If you have vinegar or baking soda, add to the boiling water for more efficient dislodging.

Sometimes you may not know how severe the clogging is in your drains and such a case; the best solution is to call a professional emergency cleaning services like Best Cleaning Guru.

If you have any other types of emergency cleaning services need, then contact us immediately to seek to help you will get high-quality cleaning services from a trusted company that is within your budget and your area.

Call us at +65 6248 0885 or email us at enquiry@bestcleaningguru.com and we will attend to your needs ASAP.

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