Post Construction Cleaning Services

After the dust has settled and your construction project seems almost complete, the only thing that can now hold you from renting the building out is one; the massive debris left behind after construction. The debris can really stain the building’s looks, but with the help of a professional post construction cleaning services company you can have your building cleaned within one or two days. Here are some of the areas that really require thorough cleaning after construction.

The kitchens

Kitchens are a very sensitive area. Every potential client will want to see sparkling clean kitchens.  Some of the areas in the kitchens that get cleaned are counter tops, shelves, sinks, backsplashes, cabinets and exterior appliances. The sinks for example require thorough cleaning and disinfection before use. Professional cleaners also ensure that the floors, windows, doorknobs, light switches and small appliances such as toasters and coffee makers are cleaned. The good thing with professional cleaners is that they pay attention to detail and do not overlook any part in your kitchen with signs of dirt and dust.


After construction, the sinks, cabinets and bathtubs in your bathroom require thorough cleaning and disinfection before use. The thing is that during construction, a lot of dust particles fall into the bathtubs while floors get stuck with dust particles and debris. Usually, the dirt may have stuck in one place for the whole construction period; which is the reason that even new bathtubs and mirrors require thorough cleaning. The floors of the bathroom for instance require thorough vacuuming while the window sills and baseboards should also not be ignored.

Work Cabins

After construction, there are many areas in the office that demand thorough cleaning. For instance, the built-in cabinets and floors are a nice place to start with. After vacuuming the floors, window sills, baseboards and walls, there are other places that require good cleaning. Don’t also forget that doors and their parts are other areas that may have accumulated dirt and dust throughout the cleaning period.

The door knobs and frames for instance, pick up a lot of germs and bacteria from the construction crew throughout the cleaning period. They require disinfection and serious cleaning before new clients can now use them. After all, it would be embarrassing to show new clients dirty work cabins and bathrooms.

Other office areas

After the main cabins are cleaned, any other rooms such as storerooms will require cleaning also. Professional construction cleaning services will include vacuuming the carpets, damp mopping the floors, removing markings on walls, baseboards and completely removing dust and dirt from doorknobs,\ and light switches. On the other hand, the façade and pavements within the building should also get their fair share of cleaning before renting the office out. And of course any kind of trash littered around the building should be completely removed.

As you may have noted, a newly constructed building requires a lot of cleaning. Contact Best Cleaning Guru to help you get highly trusted and efficient professional post construction cleaners to give that sparkle to your building.

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