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Construction is usually a tedious and complex project that requires good planning and the right people to make it successful. One of the most important aspects of construction is to maintain cleanliness while the project is ongoing. It is not only healthy for the working crew but it also eases their work. That is why it is vital to use professional construction cleaning services to get the job done. Below are some of the cleaning exercises that are done before, during and after the construction project.

Pre-build cleaning

It is one of the crucial things that any serious contractor should do before starting their project. Although not all buildings are erected near dirty sites, most construction sites contain a lot of trash and unwanted materials that require removal before the project can commence. Removing tree stumps, thickets, debris, grass and trash inside the construction areas are just some of the things that pre-build cleaning constitutes of. Generally, pre- build cleaning ensures that the construction area is hygienic, safe and fit for construction crew to work in.

Builder’s cleaning

As the project continues, it is recommended to call a professional cleaner to chip in and remove excess debris and dirt that may be inhibiting the efficiency of the working crew. However, builder’s cleaning mostly occurs as the construction project nears completion. The work here involves removing trash that has accumulated during the construction period, sweeping dust out of the rooms and preparing the site for proper post-construction cleaning. Note that builder’s cleaning is very crucial as it is often done before the interiors of the building are fixed, thus reducing the risk of tampering with newly fixed doors, paintings and other important things.

Post-construction cleaning

During post-construction cleaning, no tables are left unturned. It is usually the time to clean every bit of the building, whether small or big. It is the most important type of construction building cleaning. After post-construction cleaning, the next step is usually to lease the building out. It is thus an important time to make sure that your building, rooms and components are spick and span before any client gets to see them.

Most people will tell you that post-construction cleaning are not an exercise for amateurs. It is a tedious and thorough exercise that requires professional intervention. Things such as disinfection of the kitchens, washrooms, windows and doorknobs may not be hard to do on your own even if you are untrained, but there are other aspects of post-construction cleaning services that just require professional knowledge.

Maintenance cleaning

Even after leasing your building out, it is important to have it cleaned every six to twelve months for maintenance purposes. Maintenance cleaning is also an option for projects that take years to complete or those that are completed in phases. It ensures that the building looks newer for longer and also reduces health hazards to the occupants.

If you have an ongoing construction project or you are planning on starting one, feel free to contact Best Cleaning Guru for great building cleaning services options.

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