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There is no science that says when you should take your nice suit for a good suit dry cleaning. If you are the kind that wears a suit once in a year, then you may have no business going to a dry cleaner often. However, if you put on a suit daily, then you may need to clean it more often. All the same, read the article below to learn some tips on how to select a good suit dry cleaner and how often you should do the cleaning.

How to choose a dry cleaner

Selecting a good suit dry cleaner is not something you should do in a hurry. Nowadays, anyone can start a dry cleaning business with just a few bucks and some training and licensing. However, your search for a good cleaner should be guided by such factors as pricing, experience and how well the cleaner can handle your clothes. So take your time when calling the cleaners that you know in town. Only work with people who are willing to answer your questions.

Clean clothes in their facilities

Sometimes when there is an influx of clients in the market, dry cleaners tend to take some of the suits they are supposed to clean to a wholesale cleaner. This may not look like a big deal, but chances of getting your suit misplaced in such a situation are very high. Again, when your suit is cleaned by a larger facility dry cleaner, there are chances of the suit being given less attention or getting cleaned in the wrong ways.

Look at the training background

The training background of a dry cleaner can tell you a lot about their cleaning methods. Some people may have a lot of experience in the cleaning business, but if their experience is not backed up by some background training, then such a cleaner may not be the ideal professional you need. And speaking of experience, take note of cleaners who have experience in cleaning other types of garments besides suits. Someone with experience in cleaning mattresses may not always be the best option for your suit cleaning needs.


Good suits are quite expensive. Some cost thousands of dollars and as such you should only take your suit to a dry cleaner credible enough to give you the services that you are really looking for. For instance, if you want a cleaner who can dry clean, press your suits and have them ready for picking up within a day, then your ideal choice for a dry cleaner should be one with a good reputation in cleaning clothes fast and good. In most cases, cleaners linked with express dry cleaning services are good at doing their work without any delay whatsoever.

No matter how much you bought your suit for, you should only take it for cleaning to a professional cleaner with good reputation and experience in their work. Contact Best Cleaning Guru to help you get services from only the best of cleaners in town.

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