Restoration Dry Cleaning

When smoke, fire or water damages your garments and fabrics to a large extent, it is easy to contemplate on disposing of them. But do you know that restoration dry cleaning can tremendously restore your clothes and garments to appear just like new? If you don’t, read the article below to learn more about restoration dry cleaning as well as get an overview of all the garments and clothes that professional cleaners can restore.

All types of fabrics

Suits, shirts, wedding dresses and any other clothing garments that you can think of are all eligible for restoration cleaning. For suits and wedding dresses which cost so much you can completely get their charred patches cleaned off and torn parts, zips and buttons replaced. In any case, if you have spent a whole chunk of money on a suit or dress, why waste cash on buying a new item when you could just have the dress restored within days? And note that once a suit or shirt is restored by a professional, no one can ever tell that anything ever happened to it.

Upholstered and leather furniture

When a house gets burnt, upholstered and leather furniture suffer the most. No one hurries to save furniture when accidents happen even when they cost so much. The good thing is that if only a portion of the leather furniture get burnt and charred or get damaged by water, you can have them restored to look like new in just a few days. A qualified professional should be able to employ all the modern techniques and equipment to remove the damaged parts and replace them with new ones that will fit the exact spots like nothing ever happened.

Mattresses and comforters

Mattresses and comforters are other important garments that can easily be restored with the services of a professional cleaner. Restoring comforters and mattresses usually involve the removal of odor, fixing burnt parts and hard stuck stains. Not everyone can restore a mattress or comforter to its original condition, which is why you should always be careful with whom you entrust your work with. As a general rule, someone with more experience and a good reputation has a better chance of producing better results than a novice restoration dry cleaner.

Purses and handbags

Sometimes your favorite handbag or purses get charred with smoke or get damaged by water. Of course most people can afford a new one, but what if the bag holds sentimental value for you? The best thing you can do is to have it restored in a commercial dry cleaning services company. Restoration often does not alter the design of a handbag or purse, and the good thing is that restoration is much more affordable than purchasing a new item.

When accidents and disasters damage your clothes and garments, save on expenses and have them fixed by a professional within days. Contact Best Cleaning Guru to help you reach the best restoration dry cleaners in Singapore.

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