Dry Cleaning Wedding Dress Singapore

There are several things that you ought to keep in mind before hiring a specific commercial cleaner for dry cleaning wedding dress in Singapore. Continue reading to learn more about wedding dress cleaning plus reasons why you might also need this service more often that you probably do.



Are you comfortable with wholesale cleaning?


It is important to note that not every wedding dress cleaner cleans one gown at a time. Most of them order wedding dresses from multiple clients and then clean them all together. There are several advantages and disadvantages of this method. For one, if the cleaner is a trustworthy guy, your dress will get stellar services as will other dresses. However, the downside with wholesale dry cleaning of wedding dresses is that there are risks of your dresses getting little attention in the pre-treating and spotting exercises. So, before taking the dress to a specific cleaner, check if they do the cleaning job themselves or they send your dress to a wholesale cleaner.



Do you need wet cleaning for your dress?


If you don’t know this, some cleaners use a special method for cleaning dresses called wet cleaning. Water is used to remove sugar spills, dirty hems and common food stains. You should take note of the cleaning solvents used to clean your dress. Some dresses require petroleum-based solvents only, while others may use general cleaning solvents such as perchloethylene. All the same, most wedding dresses in the markets today can be efficiently cleaned by an average wedding dry cleaner.



Is you dress made of silk?


While every type of dry cleaning job can best be done by an experienced and trained person, silk dresses require more technical experience to handle. Unlike synthetic dresses, silk may be vulnerable and tear when cleaned in the wrong method. Usually, if it is a personal wedding dress in question, your seller may be able to connect you with a good dry cleaner for your specific type of dress. Also, cleaners with more experience in dry cleaning wedding dress are better tasked to clean silk dresses compared to a novice wedding gown cleaners.

Besides having a wedding dress cleaned by a professional, suits are the other important types of clothes that require professional attention. A fairly flashy suit for instance is not easy to clean once it gets dirty. However, you don’t have to struggle trying to clean the suit using wet washing methods. Just take it to a professional for suit dry cleaning for best cleaning services.

For reliable dry cleaning wedding dress services in Singapore, contact Best Cleaning Guru to help you find a professional dry cleaner that will provide cleaning services with professionalism and honesty. We will be able to connect you to dry cleaners who not only will get the job done impeccably but also within your budget! So contact us today!

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