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Selecting a tailor and selecting someone to perform dry cleaning shirts in Singapore is more or less the same. In these cases, cost, damage and lost clothes policies have to be taken into consideration. However, there are reasons as to why you should be even more careful when selecting a clothes’ dry cleaner as you will see below. But before then, let’s look at some of the things you should consider in a shirts’ dry cleaner.

Their policies on damaged or lost clothes

No matter how careful your favorite dry cleaner seems to be, there is always a chance of damaging your expensive suit or shirt. What matters most in such a case is whether the cleaner will repair the shirts for free or will the shirt just be returned to you? The international fabricare institute’s fair claims guide suggests that a professional dry cleaner should give you depreciated value for the shirt once it is damaged. But even then, you should be careful with whom to entrust the dry cleaning of your shirts. No one wants to get a depreciated shirt anyway.

How is their pricing?

If you are like most people, you prefer taking your shirts for dry cleaning to a particular cleaner. You definitely have your own reason, but pricing should be an important consideration. Some cleaners often try to twist you around and add hidden charges that don’t add any value to your shirts. So, do you want such kind of cleaners to work for you? If not, then choose a honest dry cleaner. By honest, we mean that if a cleaner quotes a certain price on cleaning, that’s the final price. If there is anything about pricing that the cleaner needs to tell you, they should be honest about it.

Look at their experience and training

A good professional shirt dry cleaner is not only supposed to be experienced in dry cleaning shirts, but they should also have credibility in their work as well. A company that keeps changing their business names for instance is not worth doing business with. Again, when it comes to checking for experience, take keen interest that the company that you choose is particularly experienced in cleaning shirts. After all, you are mostly interested in their shirt cleaning skills, not how to clean textile garments.

In addition, the kind of training a cleaner has should matter to you. Different kinds of shirts require different skills and only a trained and qualified person can handle cleaning different types of shirts. The only problem is that most people fear asking the cleaners about their expertise. But why should you fear anyway? It is your expensive shirts in question and after all, a professional cleaner should not hide about their training.

Dry cleaning a shirt is a skill. And if you want your shirts cleaned the right way, you need to find the right people in Singapore. Contact Best Cleaning Guru to help you get great cleaners who deal in dry cleaning wedding dresses and shirts in Singapore.

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