Dry Cleaning Pillows

For something that comes into contact with your face so often, dry cleaning pillows should always be a priority in any home. Cleaning pillows is however not an easy task, one reason as to why most people ignore them when cleaning other items. In the next few minutes, learn a few tricks to help get dirt off your pillows once in a while. Also, learn how you can clean your fur coats without getting them wet.

Pillow cleaning

For a pillow, begin by folding it twice to check if it can get through the cleaning cycle. If the pillow springs back immediately, it can be dry cleaned.  Roll it length wise and secure the two ends and middle with rubber bands. This helps minimize clumping of synthetic fibers. While cleaning the pillows, preferably two at ago, use liquid detergents to help dissolve more dust and reduce residues.

Dry cleaning pillows and fur coats have more advantages than using alternative methods. It is even more advantageous to involve the services of commercial dry cleaners.

Knowledge of fabrics and fashion

Most people can differentiate between silk and cotton, but do you know what faille, seersucker or angora fabrics are? Well, if you are like most people, you probably don’t. And that’s where a commercial dry cleaner comes in handy. They know what materials are best cleaned using which techniques, as different fabrics may have different responses to treatment given. In any case, we now live in a world of technology. And professional cleaners know everything about the latest technology in dry cleaning.

Dry cleaning protects your fur from mold and humidity

Generally, an average fur coat or pillow requires a humidity controlled closet in order to last long. 40-50 degree Fahrenheit is the agreed temperatures, and if not achieved, this could damage the coat in some way. Dry cleaning the coat regularly however makes it more immune to molds and the dangers of being damaged by wetness or excess dry conditions. In addition, a good dry cleaner should be able to spot the signs of wear and tear in your coat and help repair it.

Dry cleaning helps preserve elegance and quality

Like any other material, fur tends to wear out with regular use. Fur coat dry cleaning time to time can however help preserve the coat. The chemicals and techniques used by an experienced dry cleaner can help preserve the natural oils and color of your fur, thereby making the coat look newer year in year out. In some cases, dry cleaning also helps protect the finishing of your pillows and fur coats. With good equipment and skills, a dry cleaner can give protective finishing to your coat fur such that it will stay wrinkle-free for a much longer time.

Both pillows and fur coats come into contact with our skin often. They therefore need regular cleaning even when they don’t seem dirty. Contact Best Cleaning Guru to help you get trustworthy professional cleaners for your dry cleaning needs anywhere in Singapore within your budget.

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