Dry Cleaning Curtains Singapore

Dry cleaning curtains can help retain their elegance and beauty in offices and homes in Singapore. Curtains get dirty in so many ways, but in most cases, people overlook them while doing normal cleaning jobs. Read on to learn what makes curtains so dirty and how dry cleaning curtains can help retain their use and beauty.



How curtains get dirty


When windows are open, curtains absorb a lot of dust and dirt which may be hard to spot in the first few months. They also get dirty by absorbing dust from ceiling fans, air vents and cracks present anywhere near the windows. And worse still, curtains absorb a lot of dust during vacuuming and normal cleaning of the office or home.

The good thing is that simple dry cleaning curtains techniques such as dusting and vacuuming once in a week can reduce dust galore. The hems and folds, where the most amount of dust hides, should be the place to begin your cleaning. A little vacuuming and dusting may be good to remove some dust, but thorough curtain cleaning should be left to commercial dry cleaners.



Use the delicate cycle of cleaning


Note that curtains, no matter how thick they may appear, can easily be affected by a lot of heavy dry cleaning. As such, always stick to the delicate cycle of cleaning. This produces good results and also helps retain the curtain fabrics. However, if the curtains are quite dirty, try washing them using warm water unless the manufacturer’s cleaning guide states otherwise. Again, if your curtains are also quite complex, such as those with multiple dark colors, consult a dry cleaning curtains professional to help you with their cleaning. Sometimes even the type of detergents you use on a specific type of curtain may affect the cleaning process.



Dry on gentle cycles


To help your curtains preserve their original colors and good quality fabrics, always use gentle cycles such as tumble drying. Hot cycles can cause wrinkles, shrinking and fading of colors to your curtains. You should also take note of the manufacturer’s guide on cleaning your curtains.

Some fabrics are specifically meant to be cleaned in a certain way, and the only person who can assist you in this case is a professional curtain dry cleaner. Do take advantage of their skills and knowledge on the different types of cleaning curtains.



Should you dry clean pillows?


Just as most people forget about curtain cleaning, dry cleaning pillows is another chore that is easily forgotten.  Pillows absorb a lot of dust when we clean the bedrooms. Also, they get dirty by absorbing sweat and hair-related dirt as we sleep at night. Pillows are not easy to clean but a good professional cleaner should be able to help clean them well.

There is nothing as good as having every part of your home or office clean. Contact Best Cleaning Guru to help you get great professional to perform dry cleaning of curtains in Singapore.

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