Dry Cleaning Comforters Singapore

Cleaning duvets and comforters require a lot of dedication and good cleaning methods for you to get great results. Dry cleaning comforters with a commercial cleaner is however a much better option. You benefit from their experience, skills and superior cleaning machines that are specifically made for heavy and commercial cleaning needs. However, if you are not ready to call a professional to do the work for you, here are some tips you can put into consideration.

Do the cleaning on a sunny day

Cleaning a comforter at home may require a lot of wet cleaning. You will need to use detergents, vacuuming and pre-treating with stains. Drying the comforters therefore might require more than the efforts of your dryer. And a fairly sunny day can hence come in handy. It is however good to note that if you are not sure of how to clean the comforter, just take it to a commercial dry cleaner. They are specially trained and are more efficient in the long run.

Vacuum your comforter

Vacuum cleaning helps remove soil and dirt attachments from your comforter. Vacuuming is very important in cleaning comforters that have never been cleaned. It helps remove a lot of the dirt that your cleaning methods may not achieve. Once you are comfortable with the vacuuming, wash the comforter preferably using the manufacturer’s guide. Again, not all types of comforters should be wet cleaned. So take precaution always.

In such a case, you may also consider being choosy about whom to entrust the cleaning to, as poor cleaning methods may destroy the fabrics completely. Note that when washing the comforter, cold water is a better choice compared to warm or hot water. Cold water minimizes the risk of destroying the fabrics or causing your comforter to fade. Also, note to pass the comforter through your cleaner at least twice, passing it through the wheel one bit at a time.

Pre-treat stains if possible

If you can afford a commercial stain remover, get it and use a soft bristled brush to help you with the pre-stain removal. It is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s guide as much as possible.

Drying comforters

Most home dry cleaners are not capable of drying the comforter immediately. Now that’s why you might need the sun to help you with some bit of drying. You may cover it with sheets on both sides before exposing it to sunlight for protective measures. You may also need to watch the comforter as it dries and loosen clumps that may have appeared.

Leather jacket dry cleaning

Just as dry cleaning a comforter is a bit complex, so is leather jacket dry cleaning. They are not something that you just pass through the wheels of an average dry cleaner. They require skills and experience in cleaning. The best option however is taking them to a commercial cleaner like Best Cleaning Guru.

Cleaning both comforters and leather jackets is not an easy job. Contact us to help you get qualified professional dry cleaners who can handle the technicalities needed to do such type of cleaning.


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