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While most of us are able to dry clean our clothes and curtains at home, there are a lot of delicate fabrics and clothes that require commercial dry cleaning services. Take a bed comforter for instance, it is not something that you just throw inside your dry cleaner and get impeccable cleaning. It requires a more advanced cleaner than your regular dry cleaner as you will see below. Stick with me for a few more minutes to learn what should best be cleaned by a commercial cleaner.

Dry cleaning wedding dresses

Whether you sell wedding dresses or you simply own one, you definitely need to preserve your dresses accordingly. A wedding dress should always stay clean and free from any dirt spots. And ensuring that the cleanliness remains is not something you can achieve easily. If you are a dress retailer, a single spot on your wedding dresses is enough to turn a customer away.

You therefore require a commercial dry cleaner that uses good quality dry cleaning solvents. One who is experienced in dry cleaning different types of wedding gowns. Dry cleaning a silk-made wedding dress for instance is not easy, and a single misstep in the dry cleaning process can render the whole dress useless.

Bed comforters

Dry cleaning comforters and duvets are not easy tasks. Most of them are bulky and heavy, and as such they are not easy to clean with a typical washer or dry cleaner. They require some technical skills and handling which can only be offered by trained and experienced cleaners.

The good thing however is that there is as many commercial dry cleaners near you as you may need them. Sometimes, the comforters need to be specially sanitized or pre treated. In addition, comforters may also require special heat settings which may be unavailable in average dry cleaners.


Generally, curtains are used to protect homes, offices and business centers from the harsh rays of the sun or to prevent dust from getting inside the offices. They are therefore an easy harbor for germs and bacteria. And the longer that curtains stay unclean, the more dirt they attract.

They end up losing their attractive colors and turn dark. Dry cleaning curtains by a commercial dry cleaning service company will solve the problem. Note that using inferior cleaning methods may shrink the curtains, wrinkle them or produce creases.

Cleaning leather jackets

If you have an avalanche of leather jackets in your house, taking them to a commercial dry cleaner is usually the better option. Leather needs special cleaning so your normal washing at home will not do the job. What you need is a professional’s touch. There will be less risks of wrinkling them and no fading. Most importantly, you get highly efficient services.

It doesn’t matter what type of clothes or fabrics you have, there are different commercial dry cleaners who offer incredibly good services at affordable rates. Contact Best Cleaning Guru to get a trustworthy and experienced group of commercial dry cleaners to work for you.

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