Cleaning Terracotta Floor Tiles

Like most other specialty flooring products, cleaning terracotta floor tiles is a necessity in Singapore. Due to their quality and construction, taking care of them requires more than just general floor cleaning. It’s very important to work with a cleaning company in Singapore who knows how to clean these tiles.

What Are Terracotta Floor Tiles?

Terracotta tiles are beautiful specialty, designer tiles normally laid in areas such as your office buildings, lobbies and areas where your customers will normally visit. Usually they have a more earth like appearance that is brown, red or dark orange in color.

They are handmade and normally come with some type of finish, sealant or specialty coating to protect them. If you are confused about how to spot them or don’t know if they can be found in your facilities, please give us a call and we can help you determine if you have them and recommend the best way to clean them.

How to Take Care of Them

Terracotta floor tiles can absorb moisture quickly from a lot of traffic and spills. Not having the proper sealants will cause the tiles to hold stains over time. This can result in dirt that cannot be removed using normal methods.

Having said that, using an ordinary house cleaner can also damage them overtime leaving you with an expensive repair job. Normal cleaning solutions do not clean terracotta tiles properly resulting in dull looking or worn out surfaces. Mopping these floors is also not the best answer because these tiles are porous meaning they deeply absorb stains, dirt and debris.

Therefore the best solution to cleaning these tiles is to hire a professional cleaning company that can help you maintain their beauty while also cleaning them effectively.

Why Hire Best Cleaning Guru

Terracotta tiles need lots of maintenance and should be regularly cleaned. However most business owners and corporations don’t have the time, or expertise to clean them. Cleaning specialty floor products similar to these requires skilled and expert cleaners who know how to clean them with the right chemicals, equipment, methods and procedures.

Our professional floor cleaning service in Singapore can help you to clean terracotta tiles properly. Our specialty cleaners, our own unique methods and a fully trained staff can ensure that all floor tiles in your company are effectively cleaned. Our floor cleaning solutions are the best in Singapore and one of the most affordable providing a host of other services as well. In addition to cleaning these types of floors, we also offer hard floor cleaning services and other services that you may need.

So if your floors are suffering from neglect, and you don’t have the time or ability to effectively clean them, please give us a call and we can handle your terracotta floor tile cleaning. Our trained staff will properly assess and determine how and when you should clean your tiles in addition to providing the service on a schedule you are comfortable with. Whether you need our services weekly, biweekly or monthly, we can be available to handle your floor cleaning needs.

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