Cleaning Bathroom Floor Tiles Singapore

Cleaning bathroom floor tiles services Singapore in your company’s toilets is not easy for your company. Especially if your business’s bathroom is suffering from neglect or deferred maintenance. Hiring our professional commercial cleaning services to get your bathrooms tiles cleaned is one of the best decisions you can make.

Bathrooms suffering from neglect

One of the first things your customers observe when coming into your local business is the cleanliness of your bathrooms. Also, the toilet can leave a bad impression on your business, especially tiles that have not been cleaned properly. Tile that is unclean can project a bad image of your business. However, cleaning tiles is a messy, uncomfortable job, especially if you are cleaning them by hand. Due to the amount of traffic from employees, and customers visiting your business, bathrooms need to frequently clean. However, many business owners do not have extra time or resources to perform these cleanings on a recurring basis.

Believe it or not, many household cleaners can cause your bathroom tiles to fade and discolour. Not many business owners are unaware of this fact and continue to use harmful chemicals that are damaging to the work you have invested in your commercial bathrooms. They should be cleaned using specially formulated chemicals that when applied will remove scum, fungus and mold buildup while at the same time not damaging them. In addition, when cleaning tiles, cleaning grout should be a focal point. Grout cleaning is hard work, and most business owners do not know how to clean grout the correct way. Due to its porous nature, grout can collect dirt and grime quickly leaving you with tiles that look old and outdated.

Tile Cleaning Solutions

Our commercial tile cleaning service consist of first understanding the type of tiles used in your bathrooms. Whether you have ceramic, porcelain, vinyl or laminated flooring, we clean our tiles by first examining what kind of tile you have, and then determining the proper chemicals, tools, and methods to use to clean them properly. We then remove any dirt using our proprietary methods, cleaners and equipment that are designed to get results immediately. Our cleaning services are safe and will not cause damage to your floor tiles.

We also offer speciality services such as cleaning granite floor tiles that you may not be able to get from other commercial cleaners. For tile and grout cleaning services Singapore, we can help relieve you of the constant hassles of cleaning your bathroom tiles and clean them efficiently.

Why Best Cleaning Guru?

Our tile cleaning services in Singapore will get you the results you are looking. No matter if you are looking for consistent, daily cleaning, or monthly or bimonthly cleaning, our hours are flexible and we will work around your schedule to accommodate your needs. In addition to this, we are also very affordable. Our quote is some of the best in Singapore.

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