Chinese New Year Cleaning Services

Chinese New Year Cleaning Services Singapore: Welcome the Lunar New Year with a Bang!

Chinese New Year cleaning services Singapore are offered by many cleaning companies in this most important event in Singapore. A lot of people stick with tradition and celebrate this event every year. If you are one of them, then the first thing you have to do is to ensure that the place thoroughly cleaned before the new year arrives.

Cleaning professionals will make sure that your office cleaned before the annual celebration subjected that you book a few days in advance given the demand during this period.

Here are some of the most important things to pay attention to when hiring Chinese New Year cleaning services in Singapore:

1. Schedule the Cleaning Service Several Days in Advance

It’s advisable to book a cleaning service a few days in advance before the Lunar New Year. By doing this, you will have the guarantee that your place will completely clean once the new year arrives.

The cleaning will also lessen the issue of not finding a company to do the cleaning for you. Bear in mind you are not the only one who follows the tradition of having the area cleaned before Chinese New Year, and so many other companies in Singapore are probably booking as well. Be wise and start booking a few days before the big day.

2. Eliminate All The Allergens

Over the year, many allergens may have entered your office — ranging from dust mites, pollens, and other forms of allergens. If you want your staff stays healthy, especially when welcoming the Chinese New Year, then you should do more thorough cleaning during this period.

Some of the most reliable cleaning companies in Singapore offer Chinese New Year Cleaning Services that completely eradicate allergen buildup. The cleaning services are the perfect opportunity to clean your place without any problem.

3. Cleaning Before the Event

Many people have the habit of spring cleaning their workplace before Chinese New Year since this is part of the Chinese tradition. This sort of cleaning is quite common, especially for Singaporeans who are mostly Chinese.

4. No Need to Pay for Expensive Cleaning Services

As mentioned earlier, spring cleaning is an important ritual that most offices and buildings undertake before Chinese New Year.

Unfortunately, most cleaning companies take advantage of the last minute cleaning service, often charging their customer ridiculous fees because they are aware that these people need to have their office cleaned no matter what.

5. Some Companies Offer New Year Packages

Some cleaning companies in Singapore offer Lunar New Year cleaning packages to their customers. But to enjoy these packages, you’ll need to book several weeks in advance.

Best Cleaning Guru is one of the most reliable cleaning companies in Singapore that offers Chinese New Year cleaning services. Apart from that, we also offer barbeque cleaning services and various cleaning services that are usually needed to maintain the office.

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