Cement Floor Cleaning

Cement floor cleaning tops the list of our cleaning services sourced by businesses since most contractors now settle for the popular material as it is sturdy, affordable, durable, and sleek design options. One of the advantages of having cement floors is that they are easy to clean and maintain.

There are numerous misconceptions on the best maintenance and restoration of these floors. In this post, we take a look at some of the misconceptions that may affect cement floor cleaning in your premises or commercial building. We deal with these misconceptions and ensure that your premises is made clean by our staff who are diligent and leave nothing to chance.

Myths about Chemicals

There is a misconception that chemicals are not required when cleaning cement floors. All debris and dirt that make other floor types dirty are also found on concrete floors. The best cleaning guru uses safe chemicals to break down the substances that make your floor dirty, so they are easy to clean and be removed.

The two major types of cement floor surfaces are polished and coated. These surfaces require different cleaning techniques depending on the mechanics with which the floor is polished or the material used in the coating. These factors make the cement floor surfaces prone to wear and tear; it also makes it more or less durable. We, therefore, advice all our clients to consider the type floor surface before settling down on the type of cement floor cleaning program.

Cleaning staff can conduct detailed floor cleaning

Most cleaning companies out there may appear like they know the proper processes materials needed to clean and maintain different cement floor types, but very few have extensive training and experience. It is therefore very crucial that you work with a company that has credentials that back their claims for your cement floor cleaning needs.

Cement will last as long as it’s maintained

Just like any other floor surface, cement floors need proper and frequent maintenance to maximize their longevity. How the floor is maintained plus the quality of the coating is significant in how long your floor lasts. If your floor surface is mechanically polished, the longevity of the surface is dependent on the restorative methods you use as well as how the methods are executed.

Type and amount of soil have no impact on cleaning

There are several factors that determine the frequency of cleaning your floor surface. The amount and type of soil fall among the top of these factors. Another factor is the level of foot traffic on the floor surface. Cement floors should not be treated any different from other hard floor surfaces or rubber floor cleaning regarding soil.

The best cleaning guru not only offers cleaning of cement floors, but we also do repairs, sealing, and coating. We also possess the latest technology and machinery needed to conduct the toughest surface cleaning jobs all at an affordable cost. Thus, we ensure that your business premises is clean and attractive to both the clients and occupants. Below is a list of some of the cement floor cleaning services we offer:

  • Surface finishing and smothering.
  • Chemical degreasing to help remove oil and grease.
  • Steam cleaning for crevices and cracks.
  • Surface deposit removal.
  • Surface waterproofing.
  • Chemical resistant coatings.

For the best and one stop cement flooring cleaning services in Singapore that will leave your premises sparkling clean do not hesitate to call us to work on your floor.

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